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Daily press, 2021-09-07, 09:00 am

Decarbonization of the supply chain: Lhoist supports thyssenkrupp Steel in the climate transformation

  • Lime producer Lhoist launches world's first climate-neutral product line LEVEL|BLUE®
  • Lime is an important raw material for steelmaking
  • thyssenkrupp Steel uses LEVEL|BLUE® for decarbonizing the supply chain

Duisburg/Wülfrath, September 7th, 2021. thyssenkrupp Steel and Lhoist Germany are moving into the future together: Germany’s biggest steel producer will in future use the climate-neutral product line LEVEL|BLUE® of global lime producer Lhoist for decarbonizing the supply chain on its way towards sustainable steel production.

No steel without lime

Lhoist Germany and thyssenkrupp Steel have a long-standing supplier relationship. In steelmaking, lime products are used to remove undesirable elements from the hot metal and promote the formation of slag. thyssenkrupp Steel is now starting to source desulphurizing mixtures for the steel mill from Lhoist’s new product line LEVEL|BLUE®, thus reducing CO2 emissions along the supply chain.

“We are right in the middle of the transformation to climate-neutral steel production”, explains Dr. Jens Geimer, Head of Procurement & Supply Management at thyssenkrupp Steel. “Our approach here is comprehensive: Aside from decarbonizing our own units, we also want to make our supply chains gradually climate-neutral by 2050. To this end, we are closely working with our suppliers. We are pleased that we have found Lhoist as a partner in the lime sector to support us in achieving this goal”.

On the right track with climate-neutral lime

Alexia Spieler, Head of Sales at Lhoist Germany, explains: “Together with our customers, we have set ourselves the goal of a CO2-neutral industry. Customers are increasingly looking for sustainable products. However, the manufacture of green products requires that the supply chain is also CO2-free“. The company is therefore continuously investing in research & development and is working at full stretch on technical solutions. “We are already reducing the carbon footprint of our product range with LEVEL|BLUE®“. Large part of CO2 emissions are avoided or reduced. Complete compensation of the other CO2 emissions arising from the production and transport of our products is achieved by investing in worldwide climate protection projects. The product is certified according to the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHG). thyssenkrupp Steel is thus provided with a climate-neutral raw material, thereby improving its own carbon footprint.

Joint commitment to a climate-neutral industry

The two companies have been systematically forging ahead with CO2 reduction projects for many years now. thyssenkrupp Steel has set itself the goal to become climate-neutral by 2050. CO2 emissions from the company's own production processes and purchased energy are to be reduced by 30 percent by as early as 2030. The reduction goal for the so-called Scope-3 emissions in the upstream and downstream value chains is 16 percent. Moreover, thyssenkrupp Steel and Lhoist are involved in the IN4climate.NRW research network. Industry, scientists and policy-makers are working together on innovative strategies for a climate-neutral industry on this platform initiated by the North Rhine- Westphalian state government.

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thyssenkrupp Steel Europe

thyssenkrupp Steel Europe is one of the world’s leading suppliers of carbon steel flat products. With around 27,000 employees, the company supplies high-quality steel products for innovative and demanding applications in a wide variety of industries. Customer-specific material solutions and services around steel complete the range of services. With a production volume of approximately 11 million tonnes of crude steel annually, thyssenkrupp Steel is the largest flat steel producer in Germany.

Lhoist Germany

Lhoist Germany (LGE) is the German subsidiary of Lhoist Group, a global lime and limestone producer headquartered in Belgium. Rheinkalk GmbH, with its 12 sites and 1,200 employees in Germany, has belonged to Lhoist Germany since 1999. Lhoist Germany takes its responsibility towards man and nature seriously and combines centuries of experience and the profound know-how of the founding companies with regard to limestone with state-of-the-art quarrying, production and recultivation technology. The products are used in steel & iron production, the environment, the chemical industry, the construction industry, water & wastewater treatment as well as in agriculture & forestry.

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