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Daily press, 2023-12-13, 07:00 am

Start of modernization in the port of Rotterdam: EECV awards Bedeschi the contract of delivery of a new ship unloader

  • European high-quality manufacturer Bedeschi produces grab crane for EECV at Rotterdam-Europoort
  • With a height of 77 meters the ship unloader is one of the largest in its class
  • Delivery is planned for the end of 2025 and commissioning in early 2026
  • thyssenkrupp Steel invests a mid-double-digit million euro amount in modernization of infrastructure at EECV

Rotterdam, in Dezember 2023. The supplier for the new ship unloader at Ertsoverslagbedrijf Europoort C.V. (EECV) in the port of Rotterdam has been selected. The contract was awarded to Bedeschi, a leading global provider of solutions for the handling and storage of bulk cargoes. The grab crane has been customized for EECV's requirements, and is scheduled to enter service at the EECV terminal in the port of Rotterdam at the beginning of 2026. It is set to play a key role in the handling of around 24 million metric tons of raw materials for steel production annually.

Intensive supplier evaluation

The performance profiles of various suppliers were analyzed in detail before the decision was taken in favor of the Italian supplier Bedeschi. "We are delighted to have Bedeschi, an experienced and proven European high-quality manufacturer, as a partner in our project. Bedeschi meets our exacting standards for technical quality, energy efficiency, loading performance and environmental friendliness," says Frank Tazelaar, CEO of EECV and thyssenkrupp Veerhaven, the Dutch logistics subsidiaries of thyssenkrupp Steel. Bedeschi has extensive experience in the development and manufacture of systems, machines, and system solutions for bulk cargo logistics.

The CEO of Bedeschi, Rino Bedeschi, was delighted to receive the order from EECV as a major player in European bulk handling. "Signature of the contract with EECV for one of the largest ship unloading cranes is a testament to Bedeschi's unwavering commitment to advances in material handling technology. The crane not only reflects our engineering expertise, but also underlines our commitment to delivering solutions that redefine industry standards," said Bedeschi. This “ground-breaking project” represents a significant step by Bedeschi on its path to developing innovations in the field of material handling, and positions the company as a leader in the global market.

Bedeschi Germany is responsible for the engineering of the ship unloader. According to plan, the ship unloader will be delivered to the quayside at the EECV terminal in Europoort Rotterdam, and assembled by the end of 2025. After a test phase, the new crane is scheduled to go into operation at the beginning of 2026.

Investment in a sustainable supply of raw materials

By investing a mid-double-digit million euro sum in the new ship unloader, thyssenkrupp Steel is embarking on a program of modernizing the infrastructure at EECV's almost 100-hectare terminal site in the port of Rotterdam, where the logistics company handles around 24 million metric tons of iron ore and coal per year for steel production in the Ruhr region. Replacing one of the four grab cranes with a high-performance model from Bedeschi will also ensure the sustainable supply of raw materials for thyssenkrupp Steel's future climate-friendly steel production.

The grab crane from Bedeschi will unload iron ore and in the first years of operation also coal. Its overall height of 77 meters, and 98-meter long crane bridge make it one of the largest in its class. With its 21.5-meter rail gauge, the crane achieves a reach of 38 meters on the sea side and 19 meters on the land side. It has a lifting capacity of 60 metric tons on cables and will be able to unload 2,600 metric tons of iron ore and 1,800 metric tons of coal per hour. The crane ensures reliable performance in the demanding materials handling environment.

About EECV: Ertsoverslagbedrijf Europoort C.V. (EECV) is a Dutch logistics subsidiary of thyssenkrupp Steel Europe and Hüttenwerke Krupp Mannesmann. With around 300 employees, the company operates one of Europe's largest and most modern bulk handling facilities and the second largest bulk terminal in the Port of Rotterdam on the approx. 100 hectare terminal site in the Europoort area of the Port of Rotterdam. EECV handles around 24 million metric tons of iron ore and coal for steel production per year. The push boat shipping company thyssenkrupp Veerhaven transports this material up the Rhine to the Ruhr region.

About Bedeschi: Bedeschi SpA was founded in Padua in 1908 and is today one of the oldest companies in Europe specializing in the development of turnkey solutions for bulk cargoes, container logistics, and the brick and tile industry. Today, the family business is in the hands of the fourth generation. The company's present-day expertise in design, technology, and production is the result of more than 100 years of experience.

Caption: The customised ship unloader will play a key role in handling around 24 million tonnes of iron ore and coal annually at the EECV terminal in the port of Rotterdam.

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