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Daily press, 2023-05-23, 12:00 pm

thyssenkrupp at CWIEME 2023 in Berlin: core material of the energy and mobility revolution also available in CO2-reduced form

  • thyssenkrupp at CWIEME with electrical steel, the basic material for the energy and mobility revolution
  • Core material for energy efficiency: in generators, transformers and electric motors
  • Presentations by and round table discussions with experts from thyssenkrupp on the topics of CO2-reduced steel and top grades
  • Hall 2.2, booth 22A21-B20

Coil Winding Expo 2023 in Berlin: For three days, experts from thyssenkrupp Electrical Steel and Automotive Sales at thyssenkrupp Steel will showcase new products and services of the powercore® brand relating to the topics of transformers, generators, electric motors and electric mobility. CWIEME, the leading trade fair for coil winding, insulation and electrical manufacturing, is held annually. It is the meeting point for existing and potential customers from all over Europe.

Electrical steel as the basic material of the energy and mobility revolution

In wind turbine generators, it reliably converts mechanical energy into electricity. In transformers, it enables the efficient transportation and provision of energy. In electric motors, moreover, it ensures the economical and energy-efficient drive. powercore electrical steel from thyssenkrupp is an indispensable basic material for the energy and mobility revolution. At the trade fair in Berlin, the specialists from thyssenkrupp Electrical Steel will be presenting top grades, for example, these being technologically advanced premium-quality grades of the powercore brand, which are characterized by their particularly low core losses. Consequently, they achieve high efficiency in current conversion. The ultra-thin electrical steel strips, no thicker than 0.23 mm, are used primarily in modern high-efficiency and low-noise transformers.

Visitors to the stand will also be able to learn about the innovative powercore Rotate grades, grain-oriented electrical steel strips for use in high-efficiency electric motors and generators. New drive concepts for electric vehicles, such as axial flux motors made from powercore Rotate material, can increase power density and thus achieve greater vehicle range. thyssenkrupp Electrical Steel will also present its "inTrafo software," an in-house software solution for configuring and optimizing transformer cores in line with IEC standards and global efficiency regulations. The software allows the transformer core calculation to be performed using different grain-oriented electrical steel grades in the same core. The result: the best and most cost-effective core material combination to minimize no-load losses.

The automotive experts from Duisburg are bringing electric mobility up to speed, and have the non-oriented (NO) powercore Traction electrical steel strips as their sidekicks: specially developed to meet the requirements of highly efficient and powerful electric drives. Optimized grades are available for long ranges and maximum driving dynamics.

Climate product already saves CO2 during production

In addition, the steelmaker will be presenting its CO2-reduced bluemint® powercore® electrical steel at CWIEME in Berlin, and showing where the material is already in use. As a pioneer in the climate transformation, thyssenkrupp Steel has set itself the goal of producing 3 million metric tons of carbon-neutral steel from as early as 2030. By 2045, steel production is planned to be completely carbon-neutral. A first CO2-reduced product was launched in October 2021 in the form of bluemint® Steel.


Wednesday, May 24, 2023, 1:00 PM to 1:30 PM, E-Mobility Stage
Presentation Axial Flux Motor Technology: bluemint powercore for higher efficiency, more torque and reduced carbon footprint
Presented by: Dr. Mustafa Seçkin Aydın, Key Account Manager with focus on innovative drive solutions

Wednesday, May 24, 2023, 3:20 PM to 3:50 PM, Central Stage
Presentation Decarbonization of the Energy World: Sustainability is a key priority
Presented by: Marcel Hilgers, Head of Customers, Markets & Technology

At the thyssenkrupp stand, Hall 2.2, booth 22A21-B20

Time for expert discussions: At CWIEME in Berlin, Germany, Hall 2.2, booth 22A21-B20, thyssenkrupp Steel and thyssenkrupp Electrical Steel will be showcasing new products and services around the megatrends of energy and mobility turnaround.

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