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Trade press, 2019-11-04, 04:00 pm

Packaging Steel App with new features

The Packaging Steel App from thyssenkrupp now has new features that provide users with even more digital information about tinplate and its use as a packaging material. Version 3.1, currently available in stores, includes interactive conversions for coil material, a glossary of key terms from the world of packaging steel and a new section on tinplate sustainability.

Information on the sustainability of packaging steel

“With this update, we have extended the Packaging Steel App with functions that our customers need in their daily work," says Carmen Tschage, responsible for communication and market development at Germany's only tinplate manufacturer. “For example, we regularly receive questions about the sustainability of packaging steel. These can now be answered immediately by tapping on the relevant category. Information on the recyclability and recycling rate of tinplate is of particular interest to many packaging manufacturers and the filling industry in light of the current climate debate."

Length calculator for coils

In the new version, the app’s current calculation tool has been enhanced with a further conversion option. After entering the weight, width and thickness of a coil, the tool calculates the length of the coil. From this users can quickly determine how many units of tinplate packaging - such as ends or containers - they can produce from a coil. The calculation is complemented by the proven coil and sheet calculator.

Finally the glossary is a new feature in the latest version of the Packaging Steel App. Here users can find helpful explanations of the most important terms from the thyssenkrupp Rasselstein GmbH product range. This feature supports any customer who wants to order the right material for their needs but who is not yet familiar with terms such as "tensile strength" or "annealing process".

Three years of success in the app stores

The Packaging Steel App has been available in app stores for three years and gives users an overview of all the available packaging steel types by thyssenkrupp, and their respective specifications. The app also focuses on current innovations from the world’s largest production site for packaging steel – e.g. rasselstein® Solidflex. Users can find information on all the potential uses for the stable material and get an overview of the available coating options. If requested, push notifications keep users updated with news about rasselstein®-packaging steel.

The 3.1 update for the Packaging Steel App can be downloaded for Android and iOS in app stores. The app is free and is available in English and German.

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