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Powercore H

powercore® H

ThyssenKrupp Electrical Steel’s high-tech core material powercore® H has been largely responsible for increasing the efficiency of power and distribution transformers.

powercore® H grades have a sharper crystallographic texture than powercore® C grades. This, combined with a performing insulation coating, improves magnetic domain structure for a reduction of core loss and noise, making the powercore® H grades the material of choice for Ecodesign power transformers.

The use of powercore® H can also significantly reduce total manufacturing costs for transformers, a major advantage in the face of rising raw material costs.

powercore® H is the core material for the future!

Cost benefits due to:

  • lower core weights
  • more compact dimensions

Higher energy efficiency due to:

  • minimum no-load losses
  • better capitalization of losses

Reduced noise emissions due to:

  • optimized magnetic domain structure
  • improved insulation properties

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