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Economical steel solutions for mobile lightweight construction

Automotive lightweight steel construction

Whether cold-rolled dual-phase steels or hot stamping manganese-boron steels for the vehicle structure, coated sheet steel for car body panels, special chassis steels or highly ductile microalloyed steels for chassis or seat structures – thyssenkrupp Steel offers high-strength and ultrahigh-strength steels for modern lightweight automotive construction.

The automotive sector is forced to focus their R&D activities on multiple trends like and autonomous driving and e-mobiliy.This requires major investments on their part, all while they face pressure to keep prices down. As a long-standing material supplier of the automotive sector, we are familiar with the changing requirements in vehicle construction. Vehicles with conventional combustion engines as well as modern traction motors benefit from economically attractive lightweight steel solutions. We are contributing to the transition to e-mobility with our selectrify® initiative - steel solutions for e-vehicles.

When all its properties are considered, steel is superior to all other body materials and will therefore remain the first choice for sustainable and economical lightweight vehicle construction in the future.

Bernhard Osburg, Chief Executive Officer

Lightweight steel solutions for the vehicle structure

Dualphasen-Stahl für die Kaltumformung

Dual-phase steel for cold forming: tailored portfolio for modern lightweight construction

High strength, excellent formability and enhanced crash performance: The specific requirements for the different applications in automotive engineering can be enhanced with our tailored and needs-oriented portfolio of cold-rolled dual-phase steels. A coordinated range that is optimally tailored to the component function and customer application.

Further product details: Learn more about the 3rd generation AHSS steels with strength values of 1,000 and 1,200 MPa.

Mangan-Bor-Stahl für die Warmumformung

Manganese-boron steels and AS Pro coating for hot forming: Highest strength with good forming properties

For hot forming thyssenkrupp supplies hot-rolled, cold-rolled and coated MBW® manganese-boron steels. A newcomer to the range: AS Pro, the innovative coating for significantly improved component and process reliability in automotive engineering.

In the automotive industry MBW® manganese-boron steels are mainly used for safety-relevant structural parts. Our MBW® steels offer extremely high strengths after hot forming while retaining very good forming properties.

Product novelty: With AS Pro, thyssenkrupp Steel is the first steel manufacturer to launch a new, game-changing coating for hot forming ultra-high-strength MBW® steels worldwide – to ensure maximum automobile component reliability. The new coating ensures significantly lower process-related hydrogen absorption during the annealing process in hot forming, and also makes the manufacturing process more economical.

Hot-rolled lightweight steels with optimum processability for the chassis

Warmgewalzte Leichtbaustähle mit bester Verarbeitbarkeit für das Fahrwerk

Whether microalloyed steels for suspension and axle applications, high-strength multi-phase steels for single-skin control arms, or application-optimized manganese-boron steels for precision steel tubular applications such as stabilizers, thyssenkrupp Steel offers an extensive hot-rolled portfolio for the cost-effective lightweighting of high-strength chassis components.

Our hot-rolled chassis materials are available as uncoated and coated hot wide strip and slit strip and as uncoated precision strip, on request also as slit coil.

Portfolio expansion: We have expanded the portfolio of hot-rolled microalloyed steels to include high-ductility (HD) grades. Compared with the VDA 239-100 and DIN EN 10149-2 standards, the microalloyed HD steels are characterized by a significantly narrower range of mechanical properties and increased elongation at break.

Vehicle interior: Lightweight steels for seat structures

Maßgeschneidertes Portfolio für wirtschaftliche Leichtbau-Sitzstrukturen aus Stahl

Front and rear seats must meet the highest demands in terms of cost-effectiveness, installation space, lightweight design, safety, and comfort.

thyssenkrupp Steel offers a tailored portfolio for cost-effective lightweight steel seat structures: From highly ductile hot-rolled strip and precision strip with tight tolerances to microalloyed cold-forming steels and cold-rolled high-strength multi-phase steels – with best forming and joining properties.

Click here for details of lightweight steels for seat structures

Service: Benefit from our materials and application expertise


Research and development of new steel materials and technologies

Our Application Technology Center has been helping customers with innovative solutions to get the most out of their steel for 50 years.

The name says it all: as thyssenkrupp Steel’s innovation lab,the Application Technology Center aims to do more than simply research, develop, and manufacture new steel materials and technologies – it also strives to ensure that the company’s customers get the most out of these developments.

Further information: Read more about the services of our Application Technology.

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