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powercore® - The core material for the future!

thyssenkrupp Steel Europe is one of Europe's leading manufacturers of high-tech powercore® non oriented electrical steels. This core material is used throughout the entire energy value chain: From power generation (generators) to the consumption (electric motors and appliances) of electrical energy in the electrical components industry.

With its innovative high-tech powercore® electrical steels, thyssenkrupp Steel Europe plays a valuable part in meeting the increasing environmental requirements regarding the use of steel in the manufacture of electrical components, thus making a significant contribution to global environmental protection and the sustainability of energy resources.

The responsible management of electrical energy is our number one priority. Against the background of energy efficiency and pollution control, thyssenkrupp Steel Europe continues to actively support current and future trends and with the use of high-tech powercore® electrical steel, contributes directly to conserving resources and protecting the environment in the power engineering industry.

Core material for e-mobility: powercore® Traction

More power for electric motors: powercore® Traction electrical steel from thyssenkrupp Steel is giving electric vehicles an energy-efficient boost.

Rotor with powercore® Traction
powercore® Traction - core material for electric drives

Without steel, e-mobility would never get moving. In addition to applications in the generation and transportation of electrical energy, the high-performance material powercore® Traction from thyssenkrupp Steel is also a great example for the use of this energy. Among other things, the non-oriented electrical steel is used as the core material in the drives of e-vehicles, where it can significantly enhance the performance of the electric motor. In both the stator and rotor the quality of the electrical steel has a decisive impact on the efficiency of the motor.

In addition to other performance metrics such as polarization and yield strength, core loss has a significant influence on the efficiency of the motor – and thus ultimately on the range of the vehicle. The new powercore® Traction grades are specifically tailored to meet these high requirements for the drive systems of electric vehicles.

Greater efficiency thanks to powercore® Traction

Electrical steel from the powercore® Traction range has better magnetic and mechanical properties than standard grades. During its development particular importance was also attached to retaining these favorable properties during processing by reducing the material’s sensitivity to processes such as stamping and forming. This means the material can really play to its strengths in practical use. At just 0.20 to 0.35 mm, it is not only much thinner and thus more efficient than conventional electrical steel grades with thicknesses of 0.35 to 1.00 mm, the significantly higher alloy content also helps reduce energy losses in the motor. So using powercore® Traction in the drive motor can significantly extend the range of e-vehicles. Engine speeds of up to 20,000 revs/min also place demands on the strength of electrical steel that conventional grades cannot meet. By contrast, with its improved mechanical properties the new powercore® Traction electrical steel grades from thyssenkrupp Steel with can handle the situation with ease. Guaranteed!

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