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Environmentally sound technologies and high-tech materials

Energy requirements are increasing worldwide. The energy supply of the future requires among other things intelligent materials allowing a responsible handling during the generation, distribution and use of energy. Steels made by thyssenkrupp are an ideal material for the multifaceted energy industry meeting the high technical requirements on the material in terms of temperature, pressure and surface resistance.

With our high-quality product portfolio, we provide the right solution for regenerative and fossil energy generation, for the transportation and storage as well as the transformation of energy:

  • non-grain-oriented electrical sheets for solar systems
  • line-pipe grades for pipeline construction
  • nickel steels for liquid-gas tanks

We continuously research and develop additional solutions supporting the increasing requirements of the energy industry. Among other things, we are working on an improvement with regard to the toughness and range of dimensions of line-pipes. With regard to other innovative products, R&D cooperations are a matter of course for us. Here, we attach great importance to long-standing partnerships.

Pipeline steels thyssenkrupp Steel Europe
Pipeline steels
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