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Machine and plant engineering Industries ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe

Mechanical/Plant Engineering

Light and heavy with extreme durability

Modern mechanical and plant engineering needs innovative technologies and reliable as well as high-quality materials. The steel business of thyssenkrupp develops and manufactures products that both technically and economically belong to the most efficient products of our time.

An intensive exchange of information is key to identifying customer requirements and optimizing processes at an early stage.

Jörg Paffrath, Head of Sales Industry

For production equipment, process engineering and other machinery and plant engineering, our product range offers everything from unalloyed structural steels to very hard sophisticated special steels. Heavy plates by thyssenkrupp, e.g., are the material basis for highly stressed structural steelwork, ensuring maximum robustness and load-carrying capacity with a clearly reduced dead weight. The wear-resistant perdur® steels are available in various grades and sheet thicknesses and lend themselves as an innovative solution, for instance, in fields of use such as mining technology or steel or cement plants.

In addition to steels for pressure vessels, hot-rolled steels for durable and robust line pipes for the conveyance of water, oil, gas and hydrogen are also included in the grade portfolio for applications where the focus is on high pressures and temperatures.

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