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jetQ®: Our contribution to the 3rd generation of AHSS steels

Applications of jetQ®

Advanced High Strength Steels, or AHSS, have been a fixed constant in the automotive industry for some years. They particularly represent a bonus in terms of safety and efficiency in vehicle bodies. In order to be involved in the design of the next generation of modern AHSS, thyssenkrupp Steel is cooperating closely in its development with Japanese steel producer JFE Steel Corporation. The result: the highly ductile grades jetQ® 700Y980T and jetQ® 850Y1180T for geometrically complex crash structures in vehicle bodies.

The advantage of steels with strength values of over 1,000 MPa is their improved ductility. Their high lightweight construction potential is often limited by the geometric complexity of modern structural components. At thyssenkrupp Steel, in cooperation with Japanese partner company JFE Steel Corporation, the development of modern multi-phase steels of the 3rd generation with up to 1,200 MPa is well advanced.

Good local and global forming properties

They combine good local and global forming properties. High elongation at fracture as well as good hole expansion capability and high resistance to edge compression failure allow for the first time more complex component geometries with high stretching and deep-drawing proportions in the forming process, thus tapping new cost-reduction and lightweight construction potential. Like the conventional dual-phase steels of this strength class, the new grades are protected against corrosion by the proven hot-dip galvanizing process.

Electromobility involves high crash behavior requirements

Lightweight construction still plays an important role also in vehicles with electrified powertrains. Although more kilos in electric cars are not necessarily tantamount to more emissions, and thanks to recuperation, the range is not affected to any significant extent either, crash scenarios of heavy battery vehicles pose new challenges for developers in the automotive industry and materials researchers alike. Both head-on collisions and rollovers are an enormous mechanical load on the car body structure. Strength alone is of limited use in the design of components such as side members and A-pillars, only in combination with a high energy absorption can optimum crash performance of these structures be achieved. Given their significant higher ductility, AHSS grades of the 3rd generation will in future play an important role in the development of electric vehicles with maximum car occupant safety. And research continues unabated. Patrick Kuhn: “JFE Steel Corporation and thyssenkrupp will soon be aiming their research and development work towards achieving even greater tensile strengths.”

Product range


Steel grade Reference grade
jetQ® 700Y980T
JSC980YH, CR700Y980T-DH
jetQ® 850Y1180T JSC1180YH, CR850Y1180T-FH2

Z/GI: Hot-dip zinc coating

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