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Occupational safety

Occupational safety at thyssenkrupp Steel

Motivation and efficiency, as well as high professional competence and the job satisfaction of the employees cannot be separated from the economic success of the company.

Safe workplaces which help our workforce remain healthy are in the interests of all employees; but they are also an essential condition for maintaining and improving the competitiveness of the steel business of thyssenkrupp. The integration of occupational safety into all working routines, i.e. its inclusion from the beginning in technical, economic and social considerations, is the prerequisite for this.

In the continuous improvement of the working conditions and healthy behavior, occupational safety relies on the active involvement of all employees. Their practical experience helps to develop optimized solutions as early as at the planning level. The activities are supplemented by targeted health promotion as part of a forward-looking corporate strategy. Prevention, the taking of preventive measures in order to maintain the safety and health of the employees, as well as reducing absenteeism and sickness figures, is particularly important here. In line with the Group’s occupational safety and health policy, top priority is therefore given to health and safety at the workplace throughout the Group.

In terms of occupational safety, thyssenkrupp Steel also keeps an eye on the subcontractors working for the company. The declared aim here is to apply the applicable standards to partner companies as well. To further promote good and trusting cooperation, annual partner company days are held.

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