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Around appliances: highly formable, functional and visually appealing starting materials

Soft-close drawers or a sophisticated coffee maker design – requirements on products around the appliances are increasing, as is cost awareness. The steel business of thyssenkrupp provides suitable starting materials for white goods, furniture and other household industries.

Our business is all about our customers and building a close relationship with them. As a differentiated supplier we offer custom solutions. thyssenkrupp Steel Europe is an innovative and strategic partner.

Axel Pohl, Industry, Sales Color/Appliances

Steel made by thyssenkrupp is robust yet readily formable. We are continuously driving developments to allow the optimum processing and fabrication of our steel products. For example, our zinc-aluminum-coated galfan® materials are characterized by outstanding formability and corrosion resistance.

Moreover, the surface finish of the material can be designed individually. In particular, the organic coated metal sheet of the pladur® product family provides unique color plus look and feel variants for household appliances. Since for steel with a finished surface the elaborate individual coating is no longer needed, this results in attractive cost advantages.

#tksteelinside: Washing mashines pladur®

Lots of washing machines get your laundry whiter than white. But for brighter, whiter appliances, you need pladur® organic-coated steel. It makes possible the attractive appearance of all @bshgroup.DE-brand washing machines – and also helps to ensure a long lifetime. To make doing laundry more pleasurable.

#tksteelinside: fridge pladur®

Our organic-coated pladur® sheet brings the world of colors to household appliances and protects your surfaces effectively against dirt, scratching and fading. If desired, doors can be printed with custom motifs.

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Refrigerator made of pladur®

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