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Logistics going digital: for fast, smooth and transparent operations

Logistics going digital – on our doorstep!

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Digital check-in processes make for fast, smooth and transparent operations

Digital check-in processes make for fast, smooth and transparent operations

Managing 2.5 million vehicle movements a year on a 9 square kilometer private site is a real challenge. At Steel the complex puzzle of truck handling will soon be solved digitally and automatically as paperwork and time-consuming weighing processes become things of the past, thanks to digital technology and automated driver self-check-in.

In addition, the new gates 6 and 7 as well as a modern truck parking area on Hubertusstrasse will make checking-in a more pleasant and convenient experience for truck drivers.

The gate project is a milestone on the path to full digital management of our traffic flows. It will speed up and simplify our logistics processes enormously. For us it’s another step on the road to the steel mill of the future.

Ingo Brauckmann, CEO Business Unit Logistics

“One of a kind in Europe”

Complexity made easy: Project manager logistics André Alberti combined, standardized and digitized dozens of highly complex processes involved when trucks check into the plant in Duisburg Nord. In this video he explains the challenges he had to meet, what further developments we can expect, and why people will still be needed in the future too.

Fortschritt durch Tor 6

“Plant gates of the future”

Only recently it looked like something from the 80s, but today it’s a model for traffic management at European industrial sites. In this film Christian Worberg, project manager equipment, explains the changes he made, how the plant gates of the future work, and what they mean for the efficiency of truck handling.

Truck movements are now faster, safer and more transparent.

Reasons for the project

Limited rail capacity, more and more trucks on the road, and no end to the trend in sight … that’s the reality in Germany today. The result is not only congestion on the roads but also, until recently, frustrating bottlenecks and long waiting times for truckers at the plant gates of thyssenkrupp Steel. For the company’s logistics and security experts it was clear that the handling of truck movements on the site was in need of rejuvenation, both structurally and in terms of IT, otherwise gridlock was inevitable. After a project lasting three years, today management of traffic into and out of the site is much more efficient. At the same time, drivers can check-in at self-service terminals operated by an app. There are seven new, automated truck scales for fast weighing, and drivers too will enjoy more comfort. Soon they will be able to use a new long-stay parking area with modern sanitary facilities and break room.

Truck movements are now faster, safer and more transparent. Thanks to digitization there is less paperwork and staff at the gates can concentrate on more important tasks. And the environment benefits too: less congestion at the gates will mean less dust and noise pollution in Duisburg Nord.


The sinter plant filter unit in numbers

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