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ThyssenKrupp InCar®plus

Solutions for automotive efficiency

Innovations thyssenkrupp Steel Europe

ThyssenKrupp InCar®plus makes a strong contribution to automotive efficiency. More than 40 innovative solutions set the standards for lightweight design, powertrain electrification, energy efficiency, as well as safety and comfort.

InCar®plus is leveraging thyssenkrupp’s combined expertise in materials development, engineering, and the manufacture of high-quality components, modules and systems. In this manner, unique synergies are created which enable more efficiency with respect to abrasion and the auto body, as well as the chassis & steering.

Whether in terms of weight, cost-effectiveness, sustainability or functionality – in at least one of these points, each InCar®plus innovation is demonstrably superior to the current state of the art. Many solutions are already ready for mass production and can be quickly integrated into current new vehicles.

The result: InCar®plus solutions are up to 60 percent lighter and up to 10 percent less expensive than our challenging benchmarks. They help to make a significant contribution to reducing CO2 emissions when the vehicle is being driven and they pursue a holistic approach which keeps the entire life cycle of the vehicle in view.

InCar®plus combines technological, ecological and economic efficiency, helps to comply with emission and cost targets and enables innovative solutions for the mobility of the future.


More efficiency through a reduction in consumption is one of the core aims of ThyssenKrupp InCar®plus. Because the conventional internal combustion engine will remain the dominant drive system for the foreseeable future, this is a focal point of the Drive Systems subproject. Through the combination of consistent lightweight construction and intelligent function integration, InCar®plus impressively shows what is feasible both today and tomorrow. Moreover, the project takes into account the increasing importance of electrified versions of drive systems and increases their efficiency.

Chassis & steering

ThyssenKrupp InCar®plus is building on the technology changeover to electric steering systems and is developing the next generation for even more safety and comfort. In the case of steering columns and shock absorber tubes, innovative products are implemented using a multimaterial construction design. The individual solutions follow different customer needs, depending on the vehicle-specific requirement. The priority is therefore either on weight optimization, cost reduction or additional functions within the systems.

Auto body

The focus of the auto body subproject is also on lightweight construction. Here, new types of steel and semifinished steel products, as well as composite materials, are also making significant contributions to this. Material-oriented design and innovative construction bring out the potential of the materials. We have developed new manufacturing and joining technologies on the basis of both our engineering and our materials expertise.

Hot forming plays a key role as one of the most important technologies for the economical lightweight design of safety components. This applies to both the development of new hot forming steels and the further development of the manufacturing technology itself. These advancements are implemented in components, such as B-pillars.

Sustainability as a driver of innovation - The Life Cycle Assessment

ThyssenKrupp InCar®plus solutions help to make a significant contribution to reducing CO2emissions when the vehicle is being driven and they pursue a holistic approach which keeps the entire life cycle of the vehicle in view.

thyssenkrupp sees sustainability as an innovation driver. For this reason, InCar ®plus also places particular emphasis on environmentally-friendly and recyclable materials, as well as vehicle components.

The ecological balances for ThyssenKrupp InCar®plus show the emissions for all phases of the life of the product - from the extraction and preparation of the raw materials, through material production and component manufacture, to the use and recycling of the end products. They show improvements in almost all categories of effects, and that over the entire life cycle.

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