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Overview of hot-rolled multi-phase steels

Hot-rolled multi-phase steels

Hot-rolled multi-phase steels are key to leveraging lightweighting potential in the automotive industry.

By fine tuning the different microstructure constituents with their individual properties, the characteristic material properties of advanced high-strength steels can be controlled and optimized for the intended application. At thyssenkrupp we offer customers the ideal material for their requirements: from dual-phase and complex-phase steels to martensitic and ferritic-bainitic steels. New in our product range: Hot-rolled bainitic chassis steel with guaranteed hole expansion.

When it comes to further developing advanced high-strength steels thyssenkrupp takes a multi-dimensional approach, because alongside higher strength and weight-reduction potential, processing properties and a differentiated view of formability are key factors in adding value to our customers’ products.

Dual-phase steel

Hot-rolled dual-phase steels DP-W® from thyssenkrupp are ideal for reducing weight and enhancing safety in modern cars.

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Complex-phase steel

Hot-rolled complex-phase steels CP-W® offer high strengths and yield points.

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Bainitic chassis steel

The hot-rolled bainitic chassis steel CH-W® with guaranteed hole expansion of at least 60% is ideal for complex cold-formed chassis parts.

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Ferritic-bainitic-phase steel

Hot-rolled ferritic-bainitic phase steels FB-W® are modern, multi-phase steels which exhibit minimum tensile strengths of 450 and 580 MPa in the thermomechanically rolled state.

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Martensitic-phase steel

Hot-rolled martensitic-phase steel MS-W® is a modern, high-strength, multiphase steel which has a very tensile strength of 1,180 and 1,400 MPa in thermomechanically rolled condition.

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