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Model and simulation system simulates hot forming process exactly

It is almost impossible to imagine the automotive industry without hot forming today. The reason for this is that with this production method it is possible to manufacture especially complex components – which are also particularly light. But anyone who would like to take advantage of these properties both economically and reliably in series production must understand the process-related influencing variables of this process.

Reducing development costs by up to 20 percent

At the Dortmund Westfalenhütte, the steel business of thyssenkrupp has a unique model and simulation system with which it is possible to reproduce the hot forming process exactly – without any significant additional effort or costs. The advantage: Customers do not have to stop their own production lines in order to carry out the large number of trials required. thyssenkrupp Steel Europe supplies the process parameters and the customers can assess precisely how the metal sheet with the desired properties will behave in their own hot forming process. This is also reflected in the costs: The development costs fall by up to 20 percent.

Simulations support the practical analyses – and vice versa

The model system is combined by the developers with a simulation of the finite element method. It therefore works as a permanent corrective for the simulation and vice versa. This interplay between theory and practice quickly produces valid results. The amount of data stored is extensive: The steel business of thyssenkrupp has been carrying out these simulations for hot forming for several years now.

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