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ZM Ecoprotect® – all-round protection for car bodies

Zinc-magnesium coating for outer panel quality

The body of a car has to endure many things: swirled up stones, rain and road salt. It must not rust – even where scratches have left their mark. Up to now, pure zinc coatings have provided corrosion protection. With ZM Ecoprotect® and primetex®,the steel business of thyssenkrupp now offers two new types of corrosion protection solutions on a zinc-magnesium basis. The special feature: Their high-grade qualities fulfill the demanding surface requirements for external visible components for the first time. Furthermore, with primetex® it is possible to obtain a premium outer panel quality that has been improved yet again. The zinc-magnesium coatings offer particularly high corrosion protection and reduce the creepage of rust – especially on cut edges and crevices, both of which are in danger of rusting to a high degree.

Better corrosion protection

EcoProtect® Materials Innovations ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe

Compared to pure zinc coatings, ZM Ecoprotect® and primetex® offer certain advantages. As a result of the significantly higher corrosion protection of zinc-magnesium coatings, the coating thickness can be reduced compared to conventional zinc coatings by approximately one third. Overall, the savings per mid-range vehicle add up to two kilograms of zinc and more. One further important advantage: The hard surface causes less abrasion in the tool, while the welding of car body parts is easier due to the thinner coating.

Easy changeover

It is no problem for the automotive industry to change over to the new corrosion protection: Components which are coated with ZM Ecoprotect® have the same surface appearance as high-quality hot-dip galvanized components. It is therefore possible to initially provide only some components with the new coating and install them into the car body.

primetex® goes even one step further. The newly developed coating has an even further optimized surface. The result: An extremely high-quality appearance of the paint in premium quality. If necessary, the paint which gives the component its color can be applied directly to the prime coating, with no filler being required. This saves time, money and is gentle on the environment.

Steel in numbers

High strength, very good formability and increased crash safety with a thickness of only 0.55 millimeters? That's possible – with our dual-phase steel. This makes it ideal as an outer skin for lightweight vehicles.

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