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Developing processes, optimizing products

New and improved steel products can only be successfully developed if the production processes keep up. It is therefore important to increasingly improve the control of the interaction between process and material. Only in this way can the product properties and qualities be improved and the product range that can be manufactured extended. At the same time, the continuous structuring and refinement of resource- and energy-efficient production processes is critical to success – especially when attempting to counteract increasing raw material costs and meet environmental requirements.

Across all process stages of manufacture - from steel production to surface finishing - the research and development areas at the steel business of thyssenkrupp work closely together with the experts from the production plants. The main areas of activity include:

  • (Further) development of sensor and instrumentation engineering at production facilities
  • Testing of new product-specific manufacturing routes or manufacturing technologies on the basis of pilot plants or through numerical process simulation

Overview of high-strength steels for cold and hot forming

DP-W® und DP-K® – dual-phase steel for cold forming

The dual-phase steels DP-W® and DP-K® are ideal for reducing weight and enhancing safety in modern cars.

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MBW® – manganese-boron steel for hot forming

MBW® manganese-boron steels offer extremely high strengths and good forming properties, permitting weight savings when used for crash-relevant structural and safety parts in vehicle construction.

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