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Packaging steel

Packaging steel

About our packaging steel

Tinplate is not only highly versatile, but also an economic and ecological packaging material. thyssenkrupp Rasselstein, the only tinplate manufacturer in Germany and one of the global leaders in this segment, produces packaging steel in thickness from 0.100 to 0.499mm characterized by high efficiency, stability and safety. One example is Thinplate®, a premium material that offers consistently good properties even at very low thicknesses. The packaging steel can be coated with tin or chromium and additionally organic coated with paint and film.

As tinplate offers optimum protection against light and air, over 90% of the material produced is used for packaging purposes – for foods and beverages as well as for chemical and technical products such as well as for chemical and technical products such as paints and aerosols. But the material are also used more and more frequently in other areas, for instance in the automotive and electronics industries.


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