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Coiltech 2022: Our electrical steel in Ulm

thyssenkrupp Steel at Coiltech, Ulm, Germany

Coiltech 2022

April 6 - 7, 2022, in Ulm


Coiltech in Ulm

We look forward to meeting you again: For two days, the experts from Electrical Steel and the Automotive sales unit of thyssenkrupp Steel will present new powercore® products and services for transformers, generators, electric motors and e-mobility. Coiltech, international trade show for the coil & winding industry, takes place every year and is the venue for customers and visitors from all over Europe.

Come and meet us in Ulm!

At Coiltech, the venue for transformer, electric motor and power generation industries in Europe, the Business Unit Electrical Steel and the Automotive sales unit of thyssenkrupp Steel must, of course, not fail to be present.

Our powercore® electrical steel is an indispensable base material for the energy and mobility transition:

  • In wind turbine generators, it reliably converts mechanical energy into electricity.
  • In transformers, it enables the efficient transport and supply of energy.
  • In electric motors, it provides the cost-efficient drive.

The electrical steel specialists of Gelsenkirchen-based Electrical Steel, an international premium manufacturer of grain-oriented (GO) electrical steel products and market leader in Europe, present new products and services:

  • Top grades: Technologically sophisticated top powercore® grades, which are characterized by particularly low core losses and thus achieve high efficiencies in current conversion. The ultra-thin electrical steel, no thicker than 0.23 mm, are used primarily in modern high-efficiency and low-noise transformers.
  • inTrafo software: New software solution for designing and optimizing transformer cores according to IEC standards and global efficiency regulations. The software enables the calculation of the transformer core using different grain-oriented electrical steel grades in the same core. The result: best and most cost-effective core material combination to minimize no-load losses.
  • Innovative powercore® Rotate grades: Grain-oriented electrical steel for high-efficiency electric motors and generators. New drive concepts for e-vehicles, such as axial flux motors made from powercore® Rotate material, can increase power density and thus achieve greater vehicle range.

The automotive experts from the Duisburg-based company are getting e-mobility going and will present the non-grain-oriented (NO) powercore® Traction electrical steel: grades specially developed and optimized to meet the requirements of highly efficient and powerful e-drives for long ranges and maximum vehicle dynamics.

Furthermore, we will present our CO2-reduced electrical steel bluemint® Steel powercore® at the Coil Winding Expo in Berlin and show where the material is already being used. As a pioneer in the energy transition, thyssenkrupp Steel aims to produce 3 million metric tons of CO2-reduced steel per year from 2030 on. We plan to make steel production completely climate-neutral by 2045. bluemint® Steel was launched in October 2021 and is the first CO2-reduced produced.

You will find us in Ulm from April 6 to 7, 2022, hall 2, stand B05/C05.

Coiltech 2022 in Ulm

The trade show Coiltech Deutschland in Ulm, Germany is a Coil Winding Expo and Conference. Numerous exhibitors present their latest products, services and solutions in the field of coil winding technology at Coiltech Messe Ulm. The exhibitor lineup at Coil Winding Expo includes manufacturers and developers of electric motors, generators, transformers and e-mobility solutions with various degrees of specialization. Exhibitors and visitors will be able to exchange in-depth information on market developments, new technologies, materials and processes at the Coil Winding Expo. In addition, in more than 60 presentations, various speakers from academic institutions, as well as industry experts, will provide information about the latest developments in the industry. Coiltech in Ulm is aimed in particular at visitors from production, development and purchasing who appreciate the quality and diversity of the exhibiting companies.

Die Coiltech 2022 in figures::

  • Approx. 160 exhibitors
  • 4 exhibition halls

The dates::

  • April 6 to 7, 2022
  • Ulm Messe, Böfinger Straße 50, 89073 Ulm

Opening hours:

  • Wednesday, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
  • Thursday, 9 a.m. to 5p.m.

Click here for the official Coiltech site: (German only)

Grain oriented electrical steel powercore®

Grain oriented electrical steel is an important material in the production of energy efficient transformers and large, high performance generators. In the form of laminated, wound or punched sheets, it is the essential core material of distribution transformers, power transformers and small transformers.

Product details

Non grain oriented electrical steel powercore®

thyssenkrupp Steel is a leading global manufacturer of high-tech powercore® non oriented electrical steels. This core material is used throughout the entire energy value chain: From power generation (generators) to the consumption (electric motors and appliances) of electrical energy in the electrical components industry.

Product details

bluemint® Steel – our high-quality flat steel with reduced CO2 intensity

With bluemint® Steel we are launching our first certified steels with reduced CO2 intensity. The CO2-reduced products are produced at the Duisburg site and give our customers the certainty to use high-quality steel with an improved ecobalance. bluemint® Steel is the beginning of the transformation to green steel.

Product details

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