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Rescuing people, extinguishing fires, recovering and protecting equipment – the thyssenkrupp Steel plant fire department

Feuerwehrauto vor Hochofen 8 und 9

The full-time personnel in thyssenkrupp Steel Europe AG’s plant fire department protect employees, buildings and production facilities at the Duisburg, Bochum and Dortmund sites.

The colleagues are not only responsible for preventative fire protection, but also provide technical assistance, environmental protection and emergency medical care in the rescue service. These professionals are consultants for fire prevention and prevention issues, as well as providing various services for the company. At the sites in Duisburg, Bochum and Dortmund, they also run operations centers for emergency calls from the individual sites, and coordinate relief measures. In Duisburg, the plant fire department also operates the rescue service.

Who we are looking for ...

3 Feuerwehrleute in der Luft

We are looking for new employees (m/w/d) to reinforce our teams at the sites in Duisburg, Bochum or Dortmund.

You will work primarily on a 24-hour on-call basis. Together with your colleagues, you will ensure fire protection, technical assistance, prevention of and protection against environmental hazards and emergency medical care in the rescue service.

Furthermore, you will support important activities for the production and administration areas of thyssenkrupp Steel Europe AG by your work in workshops, undertaking training measures, and consulting or administrative activities.

If you don't already have fire-fighting training, you will undergo an 18-month basic training course, which can be held at various locations throughout the region. This will teach you technical and tactical fire-fighting skills, as well as developing the knowledge and abilities you will need for the rescue service. The basic training includes various examination stages and concludes with a state examination according to VAP 1.2-Feu NRW1.

Your work will also provide various opportunities for further development, such as qualification for various specialist tasks or in managerial functions.

1 VAP 1.2-Feu NRW – Ordinance on training and examination for the career of the second entry-level post of career group 1 of the fire department in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia

What we expect ...

You should already have the following basic skills and qualifications:

  • General physical1 and psychological suitability
  • Completed vocational training2/technical fire-fighting qualification3
  • Training as a rescue paramedic or emergency paramedic3
  • Willingness to participate in basic training incl. rescue paramedic training2 (certificate of good conduct document type N required), and in further courses or qualification measures
  • Ability and willingness to work in a team
  • Punctuality and flexibility
  • Willingness to be on-call 24 hours a day, including on weekends and public holidays (weekly working time approx. 34 h)
  • Willingness to serve in the operations center
  • Sporting activities
  • Since fire-fighting duties can be very physically challenging and strenuous, we expect you to participate in sports on a regular basis; you should demonstrate corresponding abilities, especially in strength and endurance disciplines
  • Suitability for wearing respiratory protective equipment in accordance with the employers' liability insurance association principle 26.31
  • Good swimming ability
  • Driving license class B2/driving license class C/CE3

1 Wearing self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA)

2 Without prior fire-fighting qualification when undergoing basic training

3 In case of direct employment

What the pathway looks like ...


Once you submit your application, we will invite you to take an assessment test. This takes place in several stages over several days. These include

  • Sports test
    We gain an impression of your state of physical fitness and your abilities at various stations: strength, quickness, strength/endurance, jumping ability, reactions, coordination, agility/strength, head for heights, endurance (running), ability to work in confined spaces, motor skills, swimming (if applicable)
  • Written test
    In a written test lasting about 90 minutes, you will have to answer various questions and accomplish tasks, so as to give us an idea of your concentration and cognitive skills: ability to speak and express yourself, spatial awareness, mathematical knowledge, basic mechanical-technical understanding, general knowledge
  • Candidate interview
    Once you have successfully completed the first two parts, we will invite you to a personal interview to help us get to know one another even better. In the course of this, we will also agree on the further steps for our working together.
  • Pre-employment examination
    Once the formal issues have been clarified, you will undergo a final examination by our company medical service to determine whether you are appropriate for fire-fighting service
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