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ProFuture: Shaping the demographic change

For the steel business of thyssenkrupp the important aspects are to preserve the efficiency of the employees, the competition for appropriate young talent and safeguarding the knowledge based on experience and lifelong learning.

With ProFuture the company is prepared for the future – here, the Executive Board, the plant managements, the works councils and the workforce work together on a broad base, creating new tools and offers for employees and management staff.

Günter Back Employee Sustainability thyssenkrupp Steel Europe

ProFuture has been accompanying us as employees for several years now. Our children’s daycare center is a visible sign of how the reconciliation of family and professional life can be achieved. With the offers that are available with respect to health and qualifications, ProFuture makes valuable contributions to employee development and health care.

Günter Back, Chairman of the General Works Council

Fields of action:

1. Optimum deployment of employees

From the age structure analysis, thyssenkrupp Steel Europe AG deduces its human resource planning for all areas of the company. This means that the manpower requirements are determined at an early stage and measures are derived, e.g. specific job successor planning in a team. In order to find the optimum candidate for a vacancy, ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe AG uses a systematic personnel development scheme.

  • Example personnel development scheme

ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe does not leave the filling of specialist and managerial positions to chance, but focuses on transparency and a systematic approach.

Every post and position in the company requires diverse and varying qualifications. ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe reconciles these regularly and systematically with the potentials of its employees. This creates attractive job prospects for the employees and a future-proof career and job successor planning system for the company. This also means that at the same time the further training requirements for all employee groups in the company are determined.

2. Employee retention

ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe looks after its employees: In addition to an attractive income, the company supports the compatibility of family and career, for example. There are offers not only for young families, but also for employees who require help with nursing family members. The flexible working hours – whether in the field of administration or during shiftwork – round off the range of offers in this field.

  • Example of a children’s daycare center “Stahlsternchen” (“Little Steel Stars”)

With the “Stahlsternchen” children’s daycare center, ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe offers 77 full-day places for employees’ children from the age of 4 months until they start school. This is open for 51 weeks, i.e. almost the whole year.

The child day care center is operated by the non-profit organization Zaubersterne . The bilingual educational concept of Zaubersterne is based on a structured daily routine and changing topics. The children learn English through play as their first foreign language. Among the “Stahlsternchen” this is carried out with the help of “native speakers”, who speak perfect English.

Flexible opening times, the proximity to the business premises and administration buildings, as well as the sophisticated educational concept make it easier for our employees to harmonize their family and professional obligations.

Thomas Schlenz, Chief Human Resources Officer

3. Improving health, occupational safety and efficiency

Due to the increase in pension age, health and a suitable workplace design are becoming particularly important. The prevention of diseases, personal responsibility for health promotion and the designing of working conditions in line with the employee’s age are therefore important topics in this field.

  • Example: the health shift

Handling health topics and learning to take responsibility for one’s own health – this is the reason why ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe has developed the health shift for its employees. During a health shift, the employees devote themselves for eight hours – i.e. for one shift – to their health. The program includes an individual health check with a discussion with a doctor, as well as a consultation, the communication of basic knowledge to do with health and information on focal points selected by the patients themselves. The health shift is continued in the form of further individual counseling services, as well as a further checkup at the Prevention Center.

During the health shift, the focus is on our employees, e.g. by allowing them to select the contents which are of particular interest to them. With the health shift we enable our employees to actively and sustainably manage their own health matters.

Dr. von Groeling-Müller, Chief Company Doctor

4. Develop skills

The know-how and specific knowledge based on experience of our employees represent fundamental components in the success of ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe in the global competition. The personal development of the employees is the main focus here and is aligned to the aspects of lifelong learning for employees of any age. Our talent management comprises the promotion of young talented individuals in their in-service studies, as well as the targeted qualification of top performers – for both pay scale and non-pay scale employees. A further element is the transfer of knowledge between “old and young”.

  • Example of lifelong learning

With increasing age, the way of learning changes. Older people learn at a different speed to younger individuals, for example, and make greater use of their knowledge gained from experience. In today’s world it is necessary for all employees to continue developing at all times. This is why ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe adapts its advanced training program to the learning behavior of the different target groups, thereby supporting personal development at any age.

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