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The steel contour business is always booming: Georg Wurzer in front of his company.

For seven decades, Wurzer has produced steel profiles for roofs, walls, and facades. Just like his father, Georg Wurzer relies on materials from thyssenkrupp Steel Europe.

Coils upon coils upon coils are stored in the hall of the high profile system. “It is definitely around 1,500 metric tons of steel,” estimates CEO Georg Wurzer at a glance. The extensive company facility in Affing near Augsburg, Germany, keeps plenty of material in stock because Wurzer’s customers often require deliveries to be made within just a few days, or even within a few hours.

There is a lot of traffic here at the facility. Forklifts race back and forth between the different production and storage halls, and a company truck is being loaded with gutters and pipes of many meters in length. In the roof gutter segment, this family-owned company is one of Germany’s leading manufacturers. The company is a full service provider for single-layer trapezoidal profiles, which are mainly used for exterior cladding applications. “Our strength is in our wide range of products,” says Wurzer, who joined the company in 1979 after finishing his degree in engineering. “We offer every product the market demands.” The company supplies steel retailers, building materials companies, and processors.

Wurzer was founded in 1945 by locksmith Georg Wurzer Senior as a trade and repair shop for agricultural machines. Three years later, the company added a hot-dip galvanizing system to its operation – and the gutter brackets and snow guards produced by this system turned out to be far more profitable than the agricultural machines were. Another crucial element in Wurzer’s success as a profiler for roof and facade products is its current cast of 100 employees. This summer, over 400 guests gathered together to celebrate the company’s 70-year anniversary.

Since the 1980’s, Wurzer has shared a close business relationship with its main supplier, thyssenkrupp Steel Europe. The combination of quality and the people was the deciding factor at the time. Today, it’s the wide-ranging portfolio and the strong, multi-decade business relationship that make thyssenkrupp Steel Europe an excellent partner. “Wurzer Profiliertechnik stands out for its excellent partnership and reliability,” says Benjamin Fitze from Steel Europe Sales Color. “I’ve also heard that from a number of different customers.”

Axel Pohl, Sales Manager of Color/Household Appliances, agrees: “At the beginning, we primarily provided Wurzer with a range of high-quality hot-dip galvanized steel products. Today we also provide the company with the hot-dip galvanized product galvalume® as well as a number of coil-coated pladur® products. I am particularly proud of the fact that we are on track to deliver our 600,000th metric ton of steel this year.”

The excellent business relationship between the two companies also plays a role when it comes to introducing new products. “Wurzer was one of the first companies to process the product pladur® Anti Condensate and then introduce and sell it to their customers. Wurzer also recently added our new innovation pladur® Relief Wood, a product painted to give the appearance of real wood, to their portfolio,” says Pohl.

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