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Daily press, 2021-03-02, 09:00 am

Facades and roofs: Steel offers architects new design options

The demands placed on the building materials of the future are increasing, focusing on durability, appearance and climate-efficiency. The Danish company DS Stålprofil offers the suitable solutions, using pladur® Relief Icecrystal from thyssenkrupp Steel. With its recyclability and versatile appearance, steel is the ideal material for trendsetting construction projects.

Ice-crystals on the house in the middle of spring: Steel brings individual look to facades

If you look at a pladur® Relief Icecrystal facade for the first time in sunny weather, you can hardly believe your eyes. You instinctively want to reach out for the snowflake-like projections on the shimmering surface. But they have nothing to do with the chilly temperatures. Instead, the “ice crystals“ are characteristic for a special method of coating the surfaces of roof and facade profiles. The Danish company DS Stålprofil uses this method to produce particularly attractive products.

“Especially young architects like the special surfaces“, explains Thomas Rasmussen, Managing Director of the Scandinavian medium-sized company. “Not only for their high UV resistance and corrosion protection, but for their visual appeal”.

Building owners and architects are now increasingly combining different materials to create distinctive objects. Consequently, demands placed on classic products such as roof tiles and façade profiles are also increasing. Light reflections can be just as desired as special textures or an exceptional surface feel. What is more, steel is 100-percent recyclable and can be produced CO2-neutral in the future. All this makes it a real eye-catcher not only visually, but also from a sustainability point of view.

Design made in Denmark, steel made in Duisburg

For more than ten years, DS Stålprofil has sourced the basic material for its products from thyssenkrupp Steel, among others. This is also the case with the pladur® range, which Rasmussen's team uses for a wide range of construction projects. Mainly small and medium-sized steel profiles for roofs and facades are much in demand. The range is rounded out by profiles with a roof tile look and a great variety of edgings and other necessary accessories. There are hardly any limits to the possible applications:

“Both single-skin for façades – for example as corrugated or trapezoidal profiles – and double-skin for sandwich elements or cassette solutions. Our organic coil-coated steels are used in various ways by DS Stålprofil“, says Klaus Kottkamp, Application Consultant for thyssenkrupp Steel.

During this time, a solid relationship of trust has developed between the DS Stålprofil team in Denmark and the Duisburg-based steel company. This is reflected in the fact that the Danish medium-sized company not only stocks material for each steel profile, but also has a special machine to process it. A genuine competitive advantage that guarantees fast delivery.

Demand for steel profiles is increasing

Good for DS Stålprofil: the demand for high-grade steel for roofs and façades continues to grow, not least because there is an increasing appreciation of steel as a material for upscale architectural projects. Topics like sustainable development, recycling, circular value chains or fossil-free steel production have made steel increasingly attractive to many decision-makers in the construction industry, the more so as companies like DS Stålprofil are able to provide complete proof of the sustainability of their products through environmental product declarations. This is another competitive advantage for the company.

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