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Trade press, 2014-09-22, 08:18 am

Innovative multi-layer steel concept from ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe

Through the innovative combination of hard and soft steel materials in one multi-layer plate, the heavy plate experts from ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe have succeeded in achieving completely new properties in TriSECURE® ballistic steel that cannot be produced in a single-layer material.

Highlights include superior ballistic properties compared with proven single-layer ballistic steels with hardnesses of 500 and 600 HBW at the same weight per unit area. This permits a significant reduction in plate thickness – and thus weight – with comparable protection performance. In addition, TriSECURE® steels exhibit outstanding processing properties despite extremely high surface hardness of up to 650 HBW.

This new concept from the ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe Heavy Plate unit was presented for the first time at this year’s EUROSATORY defense technology fair in Paris and received extremely positive feedback from the interested visitors.

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