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Daily press, 2021-03-11, 09:30 am

Investment in optimized surface quality of premium sheet: Two new walking beam furnaces at the Duisburg site

As part of its Strategy 20-30, the steel producer thyssenkrupp Steel is investing in its capacities to further improve the surface quality of premium sheet steel. thyssenkrupp Steel has placed an order for two new walking beam furnaces for the revamped hot strip mill 4 in Duisburg-Bruckhausen with the technology group Danieli Centro Combustion. The start of production is scheduled for early 2024.

Optimization to meet increasing customer demands

The focus of the steel Strategy 20-30 is on the targeted optimization of the production network and the consistent orientation of the product portfolio to markets of the future and profitable steel grades. These include, for instance, higher-strength multi-phase steels, grades with high surface quality and steels for e-mobility. One key element of the adaptation of the production network is the division of the casting rolling line in Duisburg-Bruckhausen into a separate new continuous casting line and a separate rolling line. This is where the new walking beam furnaces will be used. The units are state-of-the-art in terms of fuel consumption, emissions and high-quality slab surfaces and are scheduled to be completed by the beginning of 2024. The new walking furnaces offer a lower risk of surface damage to the slabs compared to the present furnaces, and the heating process of the slabs is also more uniform. With this investment, thyssenkrupp Steel creates the conditions for optimized surface qualities of the finished products.

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