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Trade press, 2014-11-13, 01:45 pm

The German Packaging Award for SteeloCare

Unusual approach of aerosol can technology with exceptional functionality makes a winner

Aerosol can
Innovation in a can: SteeloCare is the first Monobloc design tinplate aerosol can.

SteeloCare, the innovative tinplate aerosol can of the technology network Lanico, Schuler Pressen and ThyssenKrupp Rasselstein, has now been honoured with the renowned Packaging Award in the category cosmetics & hygiene articles. The jury of independent experts from industry, research, teaching and the trade press was convinced by the new concept can, which combines the unusual approach of aerosol can technology with exceptional packaging steel functionality.

The German Packaging Award, the most prestigious packaging award in Europe, recognises the best and outstanding developments and innovations in packaging sector in five categories. This year, 230 applications were submitted by manufacturers and suppliers in the packaging industry from 10 countries whereas 61 innovations were nominated.

The technology network of SteeloCare, Michael Kaufmann from Lanico, Markus Roever from Schuler Pressen and Dr Dirk Gade from ThyssenKrupp Rasselstein, accepted this prize in the award ceremony in Nuremberg. Dr Gade said: “The award makes us very proud. It demonstrates that this concept can created in our network and the solution out of one hand convinces people. We are looking forward to the next steps until the first SteeloCare Aerosol Cans are in market.”

The technology partners – Lanico, Schuler Pressen and ThyssenKrupp Rasselstein – conceptualized a new approach for the innovative tinplate aerosol can so called SteeloCare. SteeloCare, a play of words, has the focus on the personal care business taking care of the content thanks to the excellent steel properties. The concept contains specialized machinery know how of first-class presses and of enhanced seaming technology as well as high-quality tinplate know how. Customers will benefit of the aerosol can solution out of one hand.

The first ingredient of the concept is the foil laminated tinplate which impresses through its outstanding deep drawing properties and high formability, a requirement for the D&I process. The brilliant surface is the result of the foil lamination which allows a dry processing and high variability of print technologies. Furthermore, the aerosol can convinces with a BPA-free surface as well as excellent scratch and corrosion resistance.

Key success factors of the line configuration, as second ingredient of the concept, are the slim and dry processing route as well as the hidden inside seaming machinery. The slim D&I process leads to light weight aerosol cans – with masses comparable to aluminum aerosol cans – giving a huge leverage of material, energy and water savings. In addition, the hidden inner seam of the aerosol can opens the possibility of a 360° printing. The design with an extra bottom piece enables the adjustment of tailored pressures resistances – depending on demands of the filling good.

ThyssenKrupp Rasselstein GmbH is Germany’s only tinplate manufacturer. It is a subsidiary of ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe AG and one of Europe’s three biggest producers of packaging steel. The company produces roughly 1.5 million tons of packaging steel a year, serving around 400 customers in 80 countries. At the world’s biggest production site for packaging steel in Andernach ThyssenKrupp Rasselstein manufactures tin-coated, chromium-coated and organic coated material as well as zinc-coated and uncoated blackplate.

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