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Trade press, 2023-04-27, 02:30 pm

thyssenkrupp Rasselstein: Focusing on sustainability at Metpack trade show

German manufacturer exhibits tinplate made from CO2-reduced bluemint® Steel

Presenting packaging steel grades to enable material savings

Showcasing digital services to streamline customers’ existing processes

Beginning on May 2, Metpack, the world’s leading trade show for metal packaging, will be held in Essen. thyssenkrupp Rasselstein, Germany’s only tinplate manufacturer, will again be an exhibitor at the event to showcase its innovations and engage with customers. Recently, the company has made significant strides, particularly in the domains of sustainability and the mitigation of CO2 emissions.

“Due to COVID-19, it was regrettably impossible to hold Metpack three years ago. That is why we are all the more pleased to now be able to demonstrate to trade show attendees the products we have developed in recent years and the transformative impact of sustainable rasselstein® tinplate on the packaging market,” said Carmen Tschage, Head of Communications and Market Development at thyssenkrupp Rasselstein.

At booth A31 in hall 3, attendees will receive comprehensive information about rasselstein® packaging steel. thyssenkrupp Rasselstein will present a range of products, including tinplate made from bluemint® Steel, a CO2-reduced product whose manufacturing process results in up to 69% less carbon dioxide emissions. Additionally, the company will highlight details pertaining to its green transformation, which aims to accomplish climate-neutral steel manufacturing by 2045.

Material savings of up to 10 percent thanks to rasselstein® D&I Solid

Sustainability is also emphasized in other contexts. thyssenkrupp Rasselstein is showcasing innovative packaging steel grades that possess novel material-saving characteristics such as rasselstein® D&I Solid, an advanced D&I material used in the production of two-piece food cans. This particular material offers the potential for up to 10 percent in material savings. In application of a study on rasselstein® Solidflex, trade show attendees will be able to view how many grams of CO2 can be saved by using this innovative packaging steel grade for food and aerosol cans.

Customers’ processes are streamlined by digital services

Germany’s only tinplate manufacturer is also continually progressing in the realm of digitalization. thyssenkrupp Rasselstein has not only revamped the look of its SteelOnline business platform but also added numerous functionalities to the application. In addition, the company’s Packaging Steel app has undergone steady development. Customers can now submit and manage complaints and product notes via an app-integrated utility. In the future, rasselstein® Express can be configured and ordered according to European Standards in the Packaging Steel Shop. “Trade show attendees are invited to observe and test these digital services at our booth,” said Tschage. “We are extremely delighted to finally welcome our customers back to the trade show.”

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