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XAR® - More perspectives with wear-resistant steels

Dump truck with trough made of XAR sheets

XAR® 400 and XAR® 450 are highly versatile cut-to-length sheets, combining excellent wear resistance and processability. Their special feature is the guaranteed toughness combined with all the advantages of cut-to-length sheets made by thyssenkrupp.

Our XAR® cut-to-length sheets in various grades from 400 HBW to 450 HBW are initially available in the thickness range from 4.00 mm to 8.00 mm. Due to their very tight thickness tolerances of ±0.2 mm, they offer weight reduction benefits as well as advantages in terms of cold forming.

XAR® steels

XAR® 400
XAR® 450

A special feature that is unparalleled: In comparison to classic quarto sheets of the same dimensions, XAR® 400 possesses better resistance to brittle fracture and is thus ideally suited for customized applications!

Mario Klatt, Head of Sales

XAR® in use

XAR® wear-resistant steels have proved successful in various applications in which wear and abrasion are major cost factors. Thanks to their high hardness, wear can be minimized and component life increased.

The wide range of XAR® grades allows designers to choose the optimum steel for the particular application taking loading and production conditions into account. XAR® steels have found a wide range of applications in important areas of engineering.


More environmental protection, more safety and cost efficiency are important issues in the automotive industry. As a long-standing partner, thyssenkrupp Steel Europe understands these requirements and provides comprehensive industry-specific expertise with regard to material as well as technology.

Industries Automotive/Trucks

XAR®-Application examples

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