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Time for Change - Refurbishment of the Works Gates in Duisburg

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The current progress of the building work in pictures:

All Changes at a Glance

For access to our works premises, truck drivers from partner companies will only need a gate check sheet in the future. This is provided with a QR code. This is your new "key" to enter the works premises of thyssenKrupp Steel Europe in Duisburg North. The gate check sheet identifies your transportation procedure and helps the driver to carry out the loading or collection on time and in the correct way.

  • Change do traffic routing (entrance and exit) to the works premises
  • Automation of traffic handling by means of terminals
  • Supplementation of the two existing truck weighbridges with three new ones
  • Switching of the weighbridges for both the works entrance and the works exit possible
  • Renovation of the sanitary facilities and the coffee corner for drivers
  • Automation of traffic handling by means of terminals
  • Construction of two new truck weighbridges
  • Provision of a long-term parking area
    (incl. snacks and sanitary facilities for truck drivers in Hubertusstrasse)

The other gates will be brought up to the same technical standard during this period and fitted with new barrier systems.

A new parking area for trucks in Hubertusstrasse will be constructed as a parking and rest area, including overnight stays and longer stays outside the works premises. Trucks arriving late will also be diverted to the new parking area in Hubertusstrasse. There, the driver can also enter data about his cargo etc. at self-service terminals, print the gate check sheet or carry out the basic safety training. In addition, a drivers' building with snack machines and sanitary facilities will be constructed.

8 advantages for you

  • Reduction in the waiting times at the weighbridges or at the check-in counter
  • Better planning of the transport journeys through defined loading and unloading times
  • Faster processing at the gates, weighbridges and loading points
  • Help with the planning of transport journeys
  • Early information about increased traffic volumes and information about entering via alternative works gates
  • Improved safety in traffic and on the works premises
  • Simplified navigation on the works premises and faster searches for the loading points
  • For trucks which are driven for thyssenkrupp there is a new parking area and new sanitary facilities available for long-term parking, e.g. over the weekend


for forwarding agents, drivers and employees

Forwarding agents

Do all drivers need basic safety training?

Yes, all drivers need basic safety training in order to enter the works premises. The safety training can be performed at a self-service terminal in the Dispatch Center at gate 6 and gate 2.

How can I plan my journeys better during the reconstruction phase?

On our website you can find the latest information about the traffic-related restrictions and diversion recommendations.

Can I carry out spontaneous journeys at any time or are there only certain time windows for this?

It is not always absolutely necessary to provide notification of a journey. The precondition for the delivery or collection of material is a valid transport order in our systems. A time window booking is only required for loading points which are time window-controlled.

How long in advance should I plan my journeys using the web tool?

You should plan the journey not later than three days beforehand. Via the logistics web portal you will receive plenty of additional information about your journeys etc. and the anticipated level of use of the works gates on that day.

Will the web tool already be activated during the reconstruction phase?

No, the web portal will not be available until around the middle of 2017.

What happens if I have not entered my journeys in advance using the web tool? Do I then have to expect long waiting times because all of the time windows have already been allotted to others?

If you wish to use a time window-controlled loading point, a time window booking is obligatory. The number of time windows per day is limited.


Where do I get the gate check sheet?

The gate check sheet entitles you to drive onto the works premises. You will get the gate check sheet at one of the self-service terminals or from a member of the counter staff in the Dispatch Center at gate 6.

Do I have to pay for the time I stay in the new long-term parking area?

No, the long-term parking area and the use of the sanitary facilities is free of charge. For access to the parking area you need a valid gate check sheet.

Can I still drive through the gates that I am used to at the moment?

You can continue to use the same gates. However, the precondition is a valid gate check sheet or a valid permanent pass.

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