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Ready to go: the blue.cruiser

The Bochum University of Applied Sciences and thyssenkrupp are equipped for the Solarcar World Championship - with a vehicle that is not only spectacular in design.

The futuristic speedster was baptized the thyssenkrupp blue.cruiser. While its shape and other exterior features are still under wraps, car enthusiasts can rest assured that they will love its elegant lines. This prototype represents the third generation in an ongoing research cooperation between thyssenkrupp and Bochum University. It follows in the tire tracks of the successful thyssenkrupp PowerCore® SunCruiser (2013) and thyssenkrupp SunRiser (2015).

This time around, the engineers placed a strong focus on sustainability and efficiency. The thyssenkrupp blue.cruiser’s body is made from state-of-the-art lightweight materials delivered by thyssenkrupp Steel and was built according to cutting-edge construction principles. The drive and batteries are also powered by thyssenkrupp: high-quality electrical steel from the Steel division and magnetic technology courtesy of Materials Services. But there’s more. High-end solutions from Components Technology and innovative materials contributed by Materials Services enhance the solar racer’s steering system and shock absorbers.

The main objective behind building the solar vehicle is to test the different aspects relevant to constructing highly efficient electrical vehicles, thereby contributing to climate protection. But thyssenkrupp also hopes that this project and the race will help to boost the popularity of solar and electrical vehicles among the general public.

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