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The new solar system: Sustainability

From iron scraps to high-tech products – improvements in steel quality over the past century would not have been possible without thyssenkrupp.

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Das neue Sonnen-System
Solar cells

The blue.cruiser uses solar cells made of silicon, which significantly reduces environmental impact. The new cells emit more than 50 percent less CO2 compared to the previous design. Thanks to the larger surface area, even more electricity can be generated; this can be used to power additional equipment or can be fed into the power grid.

Tubular frame

The extremely light tubular frame made of ultrahigh-strength steel partially replaces difficult-to-recycle carbon fiber. The combined CO2 emissions of the two materials have been significantly reduced, even though the blue.cruiser is both larger and heavier than its predecessor.

Back seats

For the back seats, a sandwich material was used. This steel-polymer sandwich consists of two very thin steel sheets and a plastic core. It is almost as light as aluminum and much more eco-friendly.

Vegan leather

The upholstery on the front and back seats is covered in pineapple leather, which is made from fibers extracted from pineapple leaves – an excellent sustainable resource. The roof and trunk are lined with cotton leather, which both insulates the electronics and helps to reduce weight.

Linen and bio-resin

As a first, parts of the interior paneling have been made from linen (as a cover material) and bio-resin (for laminating) instead of carbon fibers. The two materials are used in the door paneling and on the dashboard. In addition, they can be found in the center tunnel.

Balsa wood

Balsa wood is laminated between layers of carbon to form a composite that increases stability and safety. It is used in the hood and floor. In addition, balsa wood is used at many of the anchor points around the frame. It discreetly replaces the plastic foam core and helps to lower overall weight.


In order to insulate the cells’ electronics against heat, the battery box is covered in a layer of cork. This is light, water-repellent, and non-flammable.

Steel wheels

The wheels of the blue.cruiser are made not of aluminum but dual-phase steel. While their weight level is very similar, the steel is less energyintensive to produce, and therefore more environmentally-friendly. The wheels are stronger and are production-ready.

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