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Transport auf hoher See - auf Frachtschiffen sind Stahlcontainer gestapelt. Mit scalur®+Z, einem Stahl von thyssenkrupp Steel, werden die Container leichter.

scalur®+Z, the hot-dip galvanized flat product from thyssenkrupp Steel, enables maximum (cost-) efficiency in logistics and construction.

Avocados, ballpoint pens, liquors, T-shirts, pacifiers – all kinds of merchandise are transported across the world’s seas in containers. Standard freighters can carry around 8,000 containers, while the largest ships boast bearing capacities of over twice that amount.

ISO containers are considered standard: These are eight feet tall and can measure either 20 or 40 feet long. Converted into metric measurements, that corresponds to a height of approximately 2.44 meters and lengths of 6.06 or 12.92 meters. The key dimension for sea containers, though, is their weight, particularly their empty weight. That’s because the lighter the container, the greater the load that it can carry. This is analogous to suitcase weight considerations – you can bring more luggage onto your flight if the suitcase you’re stowing it in is as light as possible.

Lightweight steel construction for logistics and the automotive industry

Containers are largely made from steel – and lightweight steel construction is in demand. thyssenkrupp Steel offers the perfect hot-dip galvanized flat product for this purpose: scalur®+Z, which boasts the tightest thickness tolerances. Coming in at up to +/- 0.06 mm, the thickness tolerance across the strip length and width is far lower than that of conventional hot-dip galvanized thin sheets.

In terms of applications in the logistics sector, scalur®+Z is primarily suited for container construction; incorporating a container bottom made out of scalur®+Z can reduce a steel container’s weight by 20 kilograms. Factoring in the average number of containers on a cargo ship, that saves a considerable amount of weight. scalur®+Z also has many applications in lightweight automotive construction, such as in electric motor housings or in side members and shock mounts.

The ultra-flat profile of scalur®+Z provides a number of advantages during slitting.

Roger Hannig, Technical Customer Support, thyssenkrupp Steel

Building facades and furniture design

Thanks to its strict tolerances, the hot-dip coated flat product scalur®+Z is also ideal for other areas of application, such as architecture. scalur®+Z is well-suited for constructing halls and designing facades due to its low camber; manufacturing profiles calls for a very straight longitudinal curvature on the slitted strip. Moreover, the structural steel grades scalur®+Z S390GD, S420GD, and S450GD, were approved by the Materials Testing Institutes and subsequently received certification for use in construction in Germany.

Meanwhile, smaller components made from scalur®+Z, such as runners, help ensure that drawer units move smoothly, transforming simple items of furniture into high-quality pieces.

The advantages of scalur®+Z at a glance

  • Tight thickness tolerance of up to +/- 0.06 mm
  • Particularly flat profile offers significant advantages for further processing
  • More strip per coil
  • Reduced set-up times and fewer downtimes during production
  • High potential for lightweight construction – up to 20 percent per component
  • Suitable for application in many industries (logistics, automotive manufacturing, architecture)

"In terms of tolerance, our products fulfill even the strictest demands."

"In terms of tolerance, our products fulfill even the strictest demands."

“scalur®+Z allows customers to save weight, time, money, and on materials. With a tight thickness tolerance of up to +/- 0.06 mm across the strip length and width, the hot-dip galvanized flat product can be ordered at lower thicknesses, enabling lower weights and more strip per meter. Combining a uniform structure and excellent surface quality, the material is perfect for components that demand stricter tolerances such as stamped parts and profiles. thyssenkrupp Steel has been licensed by the MPA NRW material testing office for use in construction.”


In need of a little economic miracle? Here you go: scalur®+Z. This hot-dip galvanized flat product features ultra-close thickness tolerances – to save customers both time and material.

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