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Gift for the new baby – a premium shortbread tin, made in Germany

For the new member of the royal family: KLANN produced a special edition shortbread tin to mark the birth of Harry and Meghan’s baby, Archie

It is one of the most important, if not the most important, event in 2019 for the British Royal Family. Will it be a boy or a girl? The birth of Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor, the son of Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Harry and Meghan. Fans and followers of the royal family speculated wildly ahead of the occasion about the gender and name of the royal baby – not untypically at a traditional afternoon tea with a tin of shortbread. Even a day after the birth, royal baby Archie was the most important topic raised over a tea with friends or family – and there will probably be a tin of shortbread on the table during those discussions, too. More specifically, it might well be a tin made in Germany.

A special birthday gift: A special tinplate tin for the royal baby

Chances are high that, once the royal baby is born, Brits will be eating shortbread from special tinplate tins manufactured in Germany. That’s because the German company KLANN Packaging GmbH has been producing printed jewellery box tins to commemorate important events in the British Royal Family since 2011, on behalf of British retailer Marks & Spencer.

Naturally, it’s an honor for us, particularly as a German company, to be able to manufacture these commemorative royal pieces

Stefan Beckers, CEO, KLANN Packaging GmbH

KLANN has already produced wildly popular tins to commemorate the marriage of Prince William and Duchess Kate, as well as the marriage of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. These meticulously printed shortbread tins will remind friends and fans of the British Royal Family of those special days for many decades to come. The piece commemorating the royal baby will serve the same purpose. Once again, a limited run of sophisticated tinplate tins with the special commemorative design will be produced in Germany. They make for the perfect gift to celebrate and remember this special occasion. You might be asking yourself why such a British product is made in Germany. Well, there’s good reason for that.

Success built on experience

Thanks to its wealth of experience, the traditional company KLANN is one of the most renowned and reliable manufacturers of tinplate decorative tins. KLANN makes tins in virtually all conceivable shapes, from round, to square, to rectangular, to hexagonal or octagonal, to ones with rounded or ‘straight’ corners, to ones in custom designs. These metal tins can be used to store various goods in various sizes – from cookies, to coffee, to cosmetics, and more. These tins and their lids are very high in quality and meticulously made from packaging steel provided by the Packaging Steel business unit at thyssenkrupp Steel. In fact, KLANN and thyssenkrupp Steel have been successfully collaborating for many years.

The uniformity of the material is key to ensuring that each and every metal tin looks the same at the end of the process. Moreover, the fact that the steel is very easy to form is important, particularly when it comes to producing the corners and edges

Jürgen Bracht, Head of Sales Germany and Austria and Key Accocunt at the Packaging Steel business unit

Made in Germany: Quality and sustainability for royal tins and beyond style

The Packaging Steel business unit based in the town of Andernach in Germany’s Rhineland-Palatinate state delivers the tinplate to KLANN’s facilities in Landshut, located in Germany’s Lower Bavaria region. From there, printed metal tins in all shapes and colors are shipped all over the world. The entire production process is carried out in Landshut, with the exception of printing. In addition to embossing and engraving, the facilities also cover tool construction – KLANN can adapt existing tools or create entirely new ones in keeping with customer requests. The site boasts over 500 existing tools and is thereby very well equipped to handle all conceivable cases. It produces decorative tins for a large number of customers in batches both large and small, ranging from 50 units (for bakery cookies from mom-and-pop operations) to as many as 3 million units (for major companies) – everything is possible.

Printing is carried out elsewhere in Germany, and represents an important part of the value chain. KLANN works with local printers in the region to keep channels short and avoid unnecessary logistical planning and expenditures. KLANN’s customers also have the option to see the products in person in Landshut. All KLANN products are entirely made in Germany, and they’re shipped sustainably, too: Instead of individually packaging each product, KLANN delivers the completed tins in stacks on Euro pallets wrapped in film. This uses less packaging material than industry-standard shipping practices do.

Starting with premium thyssenkrupp packaging steel through to delivering the final, printed products, we maintain an overview of the entire value chain

Stefan Beckers, CEO at KLANN Packaging GmbH

Of course, the decorative tin manufacturer also takes care to treat its employees well; after all, they deserve fair working conditions. Beckers knows that “if you take the whole package into consideration – high quality and sustainability plus all related expenses, including shipping costs, potential follow-up costs, and so on – KLANN decorative tins simply represent the best investment. Plus, they’re ‘made in Germany,’ which speaks to their value.”

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