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perform® steels are perfectly suited for use in the production of on-board and mobile cranes

Best Rating for Strength and Forming

The ultra-high-strength steels from thyssenkrupp Steel are now available in yield strengths between 900 and 960 MPa

Whenever vehicles or machines are in need of robust, durable parts with high bearing capacity, special structural steels are in demand. Material ranges such as perform® from thyssenkrupp Steel are perfectly suited to the exacting requirements of these applications. Special structural steels manufactured according to the most cutting-edge procedures are characterized by their low carbon and sulfur content, which makes them particularly well-adapted to cold forming and welding processes. In addition, the extremely fine-grained structure ensures high ductility. Yield strengths of the perform® range span from 300 to 960 MPa.

The new product range has been expanded to include the new perform® 900 and 960 grades.

Special properties of the perform® 900 and the perform® 960

  • Excellent cold-forming properties for complex component geometries
  • High strength
  • Highly weldable (low CE/CET)
  • Ultimate surface quality
  • Excellent ductility
  • Potential lightweight construction for heavy-duty applications

These specialized properties make the two grades an ideal material for use in commercial and special vehicles, for example for special profiles, formed components, and in vehicle frames. The high-strength perform® steels are also perfectly suited for use in the production of on-board and mobile cranes.

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