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Quality steel for Kaldewei

Kaldewei washbasin

thyssenkrupp Steel is one of the world’s leading flat steel producers, Kaldewei one of the most innovative suppliers of premium steel enamel bathroom solutions. So when these two companies combine their expertise, it’s no wonder something special results.

© Fotos Bryan Adams

One example of the productive collaboration between the two companies is Kaldewei’s new collection of washbowls for 2021. Even better, the photo of the “Ming” model shown here was taken by megastar Bryan Adams. The Canadian rock musician and photographer has shot the entire collection for a project under the motto “Natural Union”, among other things as a call for more togetherness in controversial times.

Responsibility to look after each other

“Natural Union” may at first seem at odds with current social-distancing rules. But on closer examination, the motto is more relevant than ever. “We are all naturally connected and have a responsibility to look after each other and the environment - everyday actions like washing your hands have never been more important,” says Bryan Adams, explaining the idea behind the project.

Strong connections

For the photo shoot, six people of different age, gender, and nationality came together in a Berlin photo studio. The aesthetic images show their hands touching under running water. As well as symbolizing the special social togetherness that is needed today, they are also an example of the trusting collaboration between Kaledewei and thyssenkrupp Steel in these challenging times.

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