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New work: more space for working together

SteelCube_new administration building

In the SteelCube, the newly built office building in Duisburg-Hamborn, thyssenkrupp Steel is providing 460 modern workplaces. Customers can also look forward to new possibilities for meetings, workshops and presentations.

SteelCube is the name of the new building on Franz-Lenze-Strasse, which impresses at first glance with its unusual appearance. The elegant facade system consists of curtain-type, rear-ventilated liner trays, which are made from our own steel," explains Thorsten Holtermann, who is responsible for corporate architecture at thyssenkrupp Steel.

"For this, we processed 2,500 m² of pladur® reflections Pearl input stock in two bronze shades. This means the new building visually fits into the architectural context of the surroundings, while standing out from it in terms of color. The language of form in the existing building has been respected and interpreted in a contemporary way without copying what was already there." This creates a clear demarcation from the neighboring high-rise ensemble and the Alte Verwaltung (Old Administration), which appears both high-quality and down-to-earth at the same time.

Mobile working is taken into account


The new home of the administration is aligned with modern work requirements, which opens up new opportunities for both employees and customers. The concept is based on the idea that modern office workplaces must complement the world of mobile working. For this reason, the new office building is designed with functionality in mind, offering space for collaboration on the one hand and retreat areas for undisturbed work on the other.

In concrete terms, the floors are divided into areas for office use on the upper floors and areas for reception, product presentations, meeting rooms and a café on the ground floor. Another trump card of the new building is its increased flexibility: To make optimum use of the office space, all workplaces are equally equipped. "The space concept allows users to act flexibly and choose the exact zone for the tasks at hand during the workday," says Thorsten Holtermann.

The space concept allows users to act flexibly and choose the exact zone for the tasks at hand during the workday.

Thorsten Holtermann, Corporate Architecture thyssenkrupp Steel

Building sustainably: Gold certificate for the SteelCube


However, the new administration building is not only an eye-catcher and functional wonder – the non-visible values are also convincing. For example, the SteelCube meets the"Gold" standard of the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB) and is certified accordingly. In this system, three sustainability areas of the building were rated positively at once: Ecology, Economy and Sociocultural.

The SteelCube also plays a leading role in terms of energy. In line with a KfW efficiency program, for example, triple glazing was installed across the board. In addition, district heating and cooling from the in-house thyssenkrupp Steel network is used to supply the buildings. The carbon footprint proves that building size does not necessarily mean large CO2 emissions. The entire building was built to be carbon-neutral. Holtermann: "The emissions generated for the construction were recorded in collaboration with a climate protection specialist and compensated for by planting 3,000 trees in Duisburg."

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