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Building a tower in Duisburg

A new filter system for the sintering process reduces dust emissions and ensures clean air.

Environmental protection is of major importance to thyssenkrupp Steel. To meet this goal, the company consistently invests heavily in modernizing its facilities. The most recent example is the construction of a stack for the world’s largest dust collection system, which keeps the sintering process operated in Duisburg-Schwelgern clean. A special crane was needed to erect the stack, which rises nearly 100 meters up in the air and weighs round 400 metric tons. Given these dimensions, the crane’s boom had to be extended to accommodate this construction project.

Four separate parts were transported on river barges and then assembled on site. Sintering is the process of mixing fine-grained iron ore with coke and materials including lime, heating it up, and baking the product. Gas permeability is a property of sinter that makes it highly suited for use in the blast furnace during pig iron melting.

Production of the so-called sinter cake relies on suction air, which absorbs a lot of dust during the process. The additional cloth filter system will capture almost all of the sinter dust, greatly reducing emissions. The system that will help conserve the environment is about to go operational.

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