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Trade press, 2024-05-08, 05:00 pm

CWIEME 2024 in Berlin: thyssenkrupp Steel presents innovative and sustainable electrical steel products of the powercore® brand

  • thyssenkrupp Steel at CWIEME 2024 in Berlin, May 14-16, 2024, Hall 2.2, Booth 22B20
  • thyssenkrupp Steel as a leading manufacturer of high-tech electrical steel offers indispensable base materials for the energy and mobility transition
  • bluemint® powercore® technology enables customers to significantly reduce their carbon footprint today

CWIEME 2024 in Berlin, the leading trade fair for coil winding, insulation and electrical manufacturing, is all about innovative and sustainable developments in the electrical industry. With the presentation of powercore® products from thyssenkrupp Electrical Steel, which have been specially developed for transformers, generators and electric motors, the company is setting new standards in terms of efficiency and environmental compatibility.

thyssenkrupp Steel is one of the world's leading manufacturers of high-tech electrical steel strip. The company's sustainable products are indispensable basic materials for the energy and mobility transition in various areas: In wind turbine generators, they reliably convert mechanical energy into electricity, in transformers they enable the efficient transportation and supply of energy and in electric motors they provide economical drive. As a manufacturer of this indispensable core component for the green transformation, thyssenkrupp Steel plays an important role internationally: As a premium manufacturer of both grain-oriented electrical steel products of the powercore® brand for the transformer industry, as well as with its non-grain-oriented electrical steel of the powercore® brand for manufacturers of generators for wind turbines, for example, and with the powercore® traction products for sustainable electromobility. For three days, experts from thyssenkrupp Electrical Steel and the Automotive sales division of thyssenkrupp Steel will be showcasing new powercore® brand products and services relating to transformers, generators, electric motors and electromobility.

Sustainability in focus

The bluemint® powercore® technology enables customers to significantly reduce their carbon footprint and thus makes a further important contribution to the energy and mobility transition. thyssenkrupp Electrical Steel underlines its market leadership through its active role in the green transformation with products used in wind turbines and electric motors. With bluemint® powercore®, customers can already save up to 50% CO2 today.

The technical presentations at the fair offer the opportunity to learn from thyssenkrupp experts and gain deeper insights into the latest solutions for advanced traction motors and sustainable electric mobility. Particularly notable are the presentations on 15 May 2024 by David Pieronek and Marcel Hilgers, who will highlight innovative approaches in the field of electric steel and strategies for a resilient and sustainable supply chain.

David Pieronek, Product Manager NGOES, thyssenkrupp Steel Europe
Topic: NGO Electrical Steel Solutions for Advanced Traction Motors and Sustainable E-Mobility
Wednesday, 15 May 2024, 11:20 to 11:50 a.m., E-Mobility Stage

Marcel Hilgers, Head of Customers, Markets & Technology, thyssenkrupp Electrical Steel
Topic: The Need for Collaborative Approaches: Securing a Resilient and Sustainable Supply Chain for Transformers
Wednesday, 15 May 2024, 1:20 p.m. to 1:50 p.m., Central Stage

Visit thyssenkrupp Steel at CWIEME 2024 in Berlin, Hall 2.2, Stand 22B20, to find out more about our pioneering electrical steel products and services.

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