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Trade press, 2019-11-04, 02:40 pm

"Empowering You": Innovative materials solutions and services from thyssenkrupp at Blechexpo 2019

The world is becoming more and more complex – including the one of customers in their operative business. Their needs are changing, increasingly requiring agility and flexibility in production processes. thyssenkrupp responds with individual approaches and offers innovative materials solutions and services – from steel production to digital solutions along the value chain. The objective: enabling customers to focus fully on their work and core business. Under the motto "Empowering You", the thyssenkrupp business areas thyssenkrupp Steel and Materials Services will be presenting themselves at the 14th Blechexpo from November 5 to 8 in Stuttgart (Exhibition hall 10, booth 10407).

Materials distribution: Focus on digitalization

In terms of materials distribution, thyssenkrupp Materials Services is consistently focusing on digital transformation, presenting numerous technical solutions along the value chain. For example, individual online portals serving different customer requirements will be introduced exclusively and for the first time: on the one hand with more options for order management and querying the delivery status, and on the other hand with an additional purchasing function and access to around 17,000 products. Both platforms feature fast and direct access to information in real time, around the clock, seven days a week. The data is also processed for the in-house developed artificial intelligence "alfred" for inventory and network optimization.

This also includes its proprietary solution for the digital transfer of all material information of incoming goods. In addition, the in-house development toii®, which recently became part of the new thyssenkrupp Materials IoT GmbH, will be shown. This technology can be used to connect the most diverse aggregates in a machine park to make production processes transparent and thus improve quality and performance.

With the digitalization, the largest materials distribution and service provider in the Western world is therefore pursuing a holistic and integrated approach creating clear customer benefits and value. The innovations thus also form a key element in the strategic advancement of thyssenkrupp's distribution and services division. With its "Materials as a Service" approach, thyssenkrupp ensures not only access to global supply markets but also systematic expansion of the service portfolio.

Steel: advancing customers and the transformation to climate-neutral steel production

In line with the "Empowering You" motto, the focus at thyssenkrupp Steel lays on materials solutions and services for the business success of customers. thyssenkrupp Steel is presenting the new product AS Pro, the next generation of hot forming: an innovative coating guaranteeing highly reliable components and processes in automotive manufacturing. The new coating ensures significantly lower process-related hydrogen absorption during the annealing process. This minimizes the risk of cracks forming, putting an end to energy-intensive, time-consuming extra measures.

With the selectrify® initiative, the steel manufacturer is bundling its research and development activities in the field of electromobility: cost-effective lightweight construction solutions for vehicle structures, highly stable safety battery housings and electrical steel for particularly efficient electric drive motors reveal the enormous potential of innovative steel solutions for electric vehicles.

With smartform®, thyssenkrupp Steel will also present a cold forming technology that permits to process ultrahigh-strength steel grades in a reliable and dimensionally stable way. The innovative process allows the production of dimensionally accurate parts at lower cost by significantly reducing the amount of material used.

In addition, thyssenkrupp Steel is presenting the transformation to climate-neutral steel production. thyssenkrupp Steel has steadily and significantly reduced emissions in steel production in recent years, bringing processes close to their theoretical optimum. This means that fundamental technological changes will be necessary to achieve climate-neutral steel production. thyssenkrupp Steel is pursuing an open approach and focusing on two parallel, equally important routes: the avoidance of CO2 through the use of hydrogen (“Carbon Direct Avoidance”, CDA) and the use of CO2 produced in steelmaking (“Carbon Capture and Usage”, CCU).

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