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Trade press, 2016-10-25, 12:00 pm

EuroBLECH 2016: thyssenkrupp presents new range of dual-phase steels for cars. New grades with increased elongation and yield strength save weight and enhance vehicle safety

Dual-phase steels from thyssenkrupp can be used in many areas of the car body. The company’s range has been expanded to include new grades with higher yield strengths and elongation.

As an innovation and materials partner, the steel industry offers a wide range of solutions for a rapidly changing industrial environment. Key sectors such as the automotive industry are under enormous pressure to evolve – a paradigm change is on the way, with autonomous driving and electrification at its center. So it is all the more important to support customers with tailored, affordable material solutions for a wide variety of applications. In the auto industry, cost-effective weight reduction with steel will play a dominant role, especially in the high-volume market. thyssenkrupp has now extended its portfolio for this: The Duisburg-based steel specialist is adding new grades to its range of cold-rolled dual-phase steels.

New grades with higher yield strength and elongation

thyssenkrupp is expanding its portfolio of dual-phase steels in the 500 to 1200 strength classes to include grades with higher yield strength or elongation. Higher yield strengths are of great importance for example in crash-relevant areas of cars. The optimized use of steels with higher yield strengths offering greater resistance to deformation can significantly improve vehicle safety. If customers require greater forming reserves, grades with higher elongation can be supplied. The objective in all cases is to use the enhanced material properties to achieve weight reductions in the vehicle body.

All-round service for customers

thyssenkrupp sees itself as a development and materials partner to its customers. That includes working together with customers to analyze requirements and find the best solution for their application. thyssenkrupp Steel offers services ranging from advice, workshops and training to engineering support and on-site processing support. Priority is always given to creating advantages for customers by offering the optimum materials in an increasingly complex competitive arena.

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