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Trade press, 2015-12-28, 09:00 am

From Duisburg via Turkey to the USA: thyssenkrupp supplying quality flat steel and logistics for Texas pipeline

Hot rolling mill at thyssenkrupp
Hot rolling mill at thyssenkrupp

Running over 440 km right across Texas, from Baden in the western part of the second biggest US state, past Dallas and Houston and on to Mont Belvieu on the Gulf of Mexico: a new liquid gas pipeline for which thyssenkrupp Mannex from the Business Area Materials Services and the steel experts from thyssenkrupp Steel Europe supplied a large share of the required materials. In all, 44,000 tons of hot wide strip in grade X70 steel is required for the construction of the pipeline. The steel is a micro-alloyed fine-grain grade with a yield strength of 485 MPa.

thyssenkrupp capitalizing on group cooperation in the execution of the project

Steels for oil and gas pipelines must satisfy special and partly even extreme requirements. It's not just a question of longevity, there is also the need to withstand the high operating pressure, the high mechanical stress and environmental conditions such as extreme temperatures. This is where specific material properties in terms of strength and toughness are called for. "Worldwide, there are very few producers who can satisfy the specifications of high-grade pipeline steel. We are pleased that this project enables us to emphasize our presence on the American market for high-performance pipeline steels," explains Jörg Paffrath, Head of Sales Industries at thyssenkrupp Steel Europe. "Added to this is the advantage of our diversi-fied industrial group. While the hot strip is produced by thyssenkrupp Steel Europe, we on our part, have taken over the entire logistics for on-time delivery," says Wolfgang Schnittker, Head of the thyssenkrupp Mannex Group.

The hot wide strip was delivered to the Borusan Mannesmann line pipe mill in Turkey. As the exclusive pipe supplier to the Texan pipeline project, Borusan is producing spiral-weld pipes in lengths of 24.5 m for the first time. The finishing stages in the USA are scheduled for 2016.

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