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Trade press, 2015-11-04, 10:01 am

New look for building facades: Innovative production technology permits freely programmable 3D geometries based on PLADUR product range

Pladur 3D-Geometries

Steel forming 3D: At Blechexpo ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe is presenting a new technology for facade design. It is based on advanced production technologies which can apply freely programmable three-dimensional motifs and textures to coil-coated PLADUR® steels. ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe is presenting the concept at Blechexpo from November 3 to 6 in hall 4, booth 4308.

Successful development partnership with metal forming specialists Fielitz GmbH

The demands on modern architecture are many and varied: Planners and building owners want individuality and aesthetics, but combined with sustainability, functionality and cost efficiency. Increasingly interconnected production processes offer many opportunities to respond faster and more accurately to customer requirements than in the past. ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe aims to exploit these opportunities together with Fielitz GmbH in the field of facade design. Thanks to a successful development partnership, proven organic-coated steel from the PLADUR® product family can now be processed by a completely new production technology used by Fielitz GmbH (Ingolstadt). On the basis of freely programmable 3D geometries there are no limits to the imagination: Fine textures can be produced just as economically as coatings with pronounced tactile effects. And all this on the basis of computer-designed models. This opens up new and attractive design possibilities above all for high-quality multistory construction. Our PLADUR® range is a perfect fit for this new production technology,” says Axel Pohl, Head of Color Sales at ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe.

Aesthetics and efficiency: the diversity of the PLADUR product family

The PLADUR®product family from ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe offers diverse possibilities for high-quality architecture thanks to properties such as good formability, corrosion resistance and flexible design. The wide range of colors and coatings allows over 8,000 combinations. In addition the range of coated flat steel products for builders, architects and planners is being constantly enhanced with new and innovative applications.

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