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Daily press, 2020-08-05, 11:54 am

thyssenkrupp Steel investing in Duisburg location: New walking beam furnace ensures high-quality premium surfaces

thyssenkrupp is paving the way for the first investment within the scope of the Strategy 20-30. The first project is the construction of a new walking beam furnace in Hot Strip Mill 2 at the Duisburg location. The new unit is intended to ensure a significantly improved surface quality of premium sheets, which are used, for instance, for exterior car body shells. The first orders will be placed shortly. Completion of the unit is scheduled for 2022. The project involves an investment volume in the mid double-digit million range.

Focus on technology leadership and quality to meet increasing customer demands

The focus of the Steel Strategy 20-30 is the targeted optimization of the production network and the consistent orientation of the product portfolio to future markets and profitable steel grades. These include multiphase steels, lightweight construction steels and grades with a high surface quality. Moreover, the production base of high-quality, non-oriented electrical steels is strengthened, which will be of essential importance for e-mobility. Dr. Arnd Köfler, Chief Technology Officer of thyssenkrupp Steel: “The new walking beam furnace enables us to secure our technological capabilities and thus to ensure our competitiveness through the quality of our products also in future. Through this investment, we are meeting the ever increasing demands of our automotive customers for better surface qualities. We want to secure our technological leadership also in the next generation of high-end steels“.

Walking beam furnace to revamp Hot Strip Mill 2 at the Duisburg location

The new unit, over 50 meters long, will be built in Hot Strip Mill 2 in the Beeckerwerth plant at the Duisburg location. It is aimed at further revamping and flexibilizing the plant. The walking beam furnace ensures that surface defects are prevented during the reheating and rolling of slabs. This is achieved by special lifting and lowering devices, which prevent dam-age to the surfaces of the slabs weighing up to 30 tonnes. Before the new furnace is built, the old unit will first be dismantled from autumn 2022. Once the necessary official approvals have been obtained, the new plant will be built in the following year. Completion of the unit is scheduled for 2022.

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