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Daily press, Trade press, 2018-04-19, 03:00 pm

thyssenkrupp helping build out India’s power grid: New electrical steel production line starts operation in Nashik

  • thyssenkrupp is the first manufacturer of grain-oriented electrical steel in India
  • highly efficient steel grade helps ensure nationwide power supply in India
  • modern facility provides competitive edge in fast-growing market

In India thyssenkrupp has now started operation of a new line for the production of grain-oriented electrical steel in Nashik, 160 kilometers northeast of Mumbai. That makes thyssenkrupp India’s first and currently only manufacturer of this special steel grade. Grain-oriented electrical steel is used wherever electrical energy is efficiently converted, transported and used, such as in distribution and power transformers. The steel for the production of grain-oriented electrical steel is sourced from thyssenkrupp’s steelmaking operations in Duisburg.

“The local production of grain-oriented electrical steel is a milestone for the Indian steel market. With our decades of expertise in the production of this efficient steel for power transmission, we are helping meet the strong demand for a nationwide and environmentally friendly power supply in India," says Dr. Jens Overrath, CEO of thyssenkrupp Electrical Steel.

At the opening, the state-of-the-art production line was put into operation in the presence of Dr. Aruna Sharma (Secretary Steel, Ministry of Steel Government of India) and Dr. Peter Kern (representative at the German Consulate General in Mumbai). Central features of the new 35,000 ton-per-year line are the magnesium oxide coating line and the laser system for high-quality surface treatment. Numerous orders have already been received, two thirds of them from customers in India. The Nashik site employs 500 people.

Electrical steel is important for the energy transition

Electrical steel plays a key role in the energy supply and thus for the success of the energy transition. It is already necessary to manage and balance fluctuations in electricity demand. Increased use of renewable energies will make this task even more complex in the future. Grain-oriented electrical steel is needed wherever electrical energy is efficiently converted, transported and used, such as in distribution and power transformers: To transport electricity over long distances, it needs a higher voltage than it has when it is generated. The voltage for transportation is around a thousand times higher than in domestic wall sockets. For use in households and industry the voltage needs to be transformed again. As a premium manufacturer of efficient electrical steel, thyssenkrupp is contributing to the sustainable use of energy resources.

thyssenkrupp Electrical Steel

thyssenkrupp’s steel division is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of non-oriented high-tech electrical steel. Its Electrical Steel business unit produces grain-oriented electrical steel under the PowerCore® brand, a core material for energy-efficient transformers and large high-performance generators. Over more than 50 years the business unit has built up extensive expertise in the production and use of grain-oriented electrical steel. Research and development departments in Gelsenkirchen (Germany), Isbergues (France) and Nashik (India) work to continuously improve the properties of the material. With the new production line at the Nashik site, thyssenkrupp is India’s first and currently only manufacturer of grain-oriented electrical steel. 500 people are employed in Nashik, 640 in Gelsenkirchen and 530 in Isbergues.

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