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Daily press, 2023-10-27, 03:25 pm

thyssenkrupp Steel at the Blechexpo 2023: Unlock your green potential

  • thyssenkrupp Steel will present innovative and sustainable steel solutions at the Blechexpo 2023 in Stuttgart to "Unlock your green potential". These will include tkH2Steel® for carbon-neutral steelmaking and CO2-reduced bluemint® steels to help mitigate climate change
  • The company is offering high-performance steels for resource-efficient lightweight automotive construction, enabling weight reductions with improved or unchanged levels of safety
  • thyssenkrupp Steel is presenting ZM Ecoprotect® Solar – high-quality zinc-magnesium-coated steels for effectively protecting high-performance PV mounting systems from corrosion
  • Blechexpo 2023 in Stuttgart, November 7 to 10, 2023, Hall 10, booth 10406

In November it's time again: Under the theme "Unlock your green potential", thyssenkrupp Steel will be presenting its innovative and sustainable steel solutions at Blechexpo 2023 in Stuttgart, the international trade fair for sheet metal working and joining technology. At booth 10406 in Hall 10, visitors will be able to find out about tkH2Steel® – one of the biggest industrial decarbonization projects worldwide for carbon-neutral steel production. Furthermore, thyssenkrupp Steel will be showcasing products that allow value chains to be made more environmentally friendly: whether it's high-performance steels for lightweight construction of vehicles with efficient use of resources, or durable, robust, and sustainable steels for solar installations. CO2-reduced bluemint® steels are already supporting customers' climate change mitigation ambitions today.

At thyssenkrupp Steel, everything is geared towards sustainability. So this is the perfect time to engage in discussions with the company to make even more possible in terms of climate protection.

Topics at the thyssenkrupp booth:

1. tkH2Steel®, the green transformation for sustainable high-quality flat steel, is the pioneering concept with a unique plant combination. At an interactive exhibit, visitors will be able to discover how innovative plant technology works, and how a direct reduction plant with downstream, electrically operated melters will be integrated into Europe's biggest steel mill. The subsequent production steps after the steel mill, and thus also the products, will remain unchanged. As a result, it will be possible to supply high-quality, climate-friendly steel to customers from Duisburg within just a few years. The plant is scheduled to go into operation at the end of 2026.

2. With bluemint® Steel, the CO2-reduced steels, thyssenkrupp Steel is already supporting its customers' ambitions in terms of climate change mitigation. The production of bluemint® recycled uses scrap in the blast furnace process, allowing thyssenkrupp Steel to cut emissions at its Duisburg site and helping its customers reduce their Scope 3 emissions. thyssenkrupp Steel will be presenting visitors with hands-on examples of its customers' products made from CO2-reduced bluemint® Steel.

3. High-performance steels for saving resources in lightweight automotive construction
thyssenkrupp Steel offers a broad portfolio of high-strength and ultra-high-strength steels for automotive construction which combine high strength, ductility and formability. This enables them to reduce weight while maintaining or improving safety and functionality. Exhibits will convincingly demonstrate to visitors how thyssenkrupp Steel's high-performance steels can be used in various applications, such as body, chassis and drive components.

4. ZM Ecoprotect® Solar: Effective corrosion protection for photovoltaic mounting systems
With ZM Ecoprotect® Solar, thyssenkrupp Steel is presenting an innovative corrosion protection solution for robust steel substructures of solar installations. The metallic-coated structural steels for solar applications are ideal for processing into profiles and for use in various corrosive atmospheres. The high-quality zinc-magnesium-coated steels for PV mounting systems are also available as CO2-reduced bluemint® Steel.

The thyssenkrupp Steel team is looking forward to meeting you at booth 10406 in Hall 10 from November 7 to 10, 2023, and to conducting exciting discussions with you.

thyssenkrupp Steel will present tkH2Steel® - one of the world's largest industrial decarbonization projects for climate-neutral steel production - to its visitors at Blechexpo 2023 in Stuttgart from November 7 to 10. At stand 10406 in hall 10, thyssenkrupp Steel will also be showcasing products that can be used to make value chains more climate-friendly.

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