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Daily press, 2022-10-25, 11:04 am

Improving the carbon footprint with bluemint® Steel: thyssenkrupp Steel presents high-quality flat steel with reduced CO2 intensity at the EuroBLECH

  • Customers like Miele, Mubea, Zentis or the wheel manufacturer Accuride improve their own carbon footprint by using bluemint® Steel, the high-quality flat steel with reduced CO2 intensity from thyssenkrupp Steel
  • Sample products from bluemint® Steel and other innovative steels will be presented by thyssenkrupp Steel from 25 to 28 October at the EuroBLECH trade show in Hannover, Hall 17, booth E33
  • Presentation by thyssenkrupp Steel on "bluemint® Steel and the transformation of steel production at thyssenkrupp Steel Europe" on 27 October 2022 from 2:00 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. in the EuroBLECH Presentation Area, Hall 26, booth L60

Whether for transformers, wind turbines or electric mobility: steel is a basic material for the energy turnaround. The use of bluemint® Steel, the high-quality flat steel with reduced CO2 intensity from thyssenkrupp Steel, now also significantly improves the carbon footprint of steel products. The advantage: apart from its reduced specific CO2 emissions, the material properties of bluemint® Steel do not differ from those of proven steel grades. At the EuroBLECH international technology fair for sheet metal working in Hannover from October 25 to 28, thyssenkrupp Steel will present a selection of its customers' products made from bluemint® Steel at booth E33 in Hall 17.

Saving CO2 on the traditional blast furnace route

The CO2 reduction in the manufacture of bluemint® Steel is achieved by the reduced use of coking coal in the blast furnace process. For the production of the bluemint® pure variant, this is made possible by replacing part of the ores used with previously reduced sponge iron. This reduces the CO2 intensity by 70 percent on a balance sheet basis. In the bluemint® recycled variant, a high-quality scrap recycling product is used in the blast furnace. As a result, for every metric ton of bluemint® recycled, a saving of 64 percent is shown in the balance sheet. Both savings methods are certified. The real CO2 savings in the production of bluemint® Steel help metal-processing manufacturers as well as their customers to reduce their carbon footprint and reach their Scope 3 target.

Products made from bluemint® Steel support customer sustainability

Zentis GmbH & Co. KG is taking advantage of this. The twist-off cap of their NaturRein fruit spreads is made of CO2-reduced rasselstein® tin plate from thyssenkrupp. With its NaturRein fruit spreads, Zentis has completely committed itself to the idea of sustainability – this includes not only the product, but also the packaging. The twist-off cap manufactured by Pano Verschluss GmbH is PVC-free. CO2-reduced bluemint® Steel was used for the production of the rasselstein® tin plate. All in all, NaturRein is the first Zentis assortment certified to be carbon-neutral, which significantly advances the food manufacturer in the implementation of its ambitious sustainability strategy.

Accuride's new truck wheels can even boast a double CO2-saving effect. Thanks to the CO2-reduced steel production of bluemint® Steel, they already offer a smaller carbon footprint. On top of this, a micro-alloyed steel of the perform® brand with a higher strength is used, which allows a smaller plate thickness with the same performance. This material concept makes the truck wheels significantly lighter. This reduces fuel consumption during the use phase compared with a conventional wheel steel. Over the entire life cycle of the wheel, this achieves CO2 savings of more than ten percent – a significant plus for Accuride in terms of sustainability.

The Swiss packaging specialist Hoffmann Neopac also relies on bluemint® rasselstein® steel for producing candy tins for Ricola. Hoffmann Neopac uses 100 percent electricity from renewable sources for can production in Switzerland. With this environmentally friendly packaging, the herbal candy manufacturer Ricola is taking another step towards sustainability.

thyssenkrupp Steel at the EuroBLECH 2022

Dr. Carmen Ostwald, Head of Business Development bluemint® Steel, will present more information about the benefits of bluemint® Steel and the experiences of customers in her talk entitled "bluemint® Steel and the transformation of steel production at thyssenkrupp Steel Europe" at the EuroBLECH on 27 October 2022 from 2:00 p.m. to 2:30 pm. Meeting place: the new EuroBLECH Presentation Area, Hall 26, booth L60. You can also see for yourself the certified steel products with reduced CO2 intensity at the thyssenkrupp Steel booth at the EuroBLECH. "We look forward to your visit."

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