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The storage of hydrogen-sulfides, which cause highly dangerous corrosive damages in pressure vessel materials by released hydrogen atoms, constitutes a great challenge for plant constructors.

To meet this challenge, thyssenkrupp Steel Europe has introduced a new steel grade to their usual pressure vessel steels and now offers sourgas resistant steels.

These, so-called X-COR® steels may be delivered certified according to DIN EN 10028 and ASTM/ASME and on demand with multiple certifications.

The mechanical properties meet the standards above, even after post weld heat treatment. The verification of mechanical properties is carried out in normalized state.

The sour gas resistance is tested in our own, certified testing laboratory and is guaranteed for the normalized, stress-relief heat treated state.

Steel for pressure vessels

thyssenkrupp Steel Europe offers cryogenic nickel steel for liquid gas vessels and pressure vessels as well as sourgas resistant pressure vessel steels.

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Energy requirements are increasing worldwide. The energy supply of the future requires among other things intelligent materials allowing a responsible handling during the generation, distribution and use of energy. Steels made by thyssenkrupp Steel Europe are an ideal material for the multifaceted energy industry meeting the high technical requirements on the material in terms of temperature, pressure and surface resistance.

Industrie Energy

Plant Engineering

Modern machinery and plant engineering needs innovative technologies and reliable as well as high-quality materials. thyssenkrupp Steel Europe develops and manufactures products that both technically and economically belong to the most efficient products of our time.

Industrie Plant Engineering

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