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Structural steel: PATINAX®

patinax® - Weather-resistant structural steel with a unique appearance

patinax® is distinguished by its high weather resistance.

Its alloying with copper and chromium ensure the formation of a firmly adhering protective layer of rust which concurrently makes for an attractive appearance. Architects value its application in buildings of all types in particular when in addition to questions of construction, aesthetic aspects also need to be considered.

Weather resistant steel offers a sensible alternative even without a protective coating in bridge construction, building facades and also in industrial applications. patinax® 355 has the same process as other standard structural steel grades. patinax® 355P is supplied with an increased phosphorus content for improved weather resistance.


  • Higher weather resistance compared to conventional structural steels
  • Aesthetic appearance
  • Good processability
  • Minimum yield strength 355 MPa
patinax® 355P
patinax® 355

Structural steel

Weathering fine grain structural steels with special corrosion properties or other grades like high-strength quenched and tempered special structural steels for constructions subjected to heavy loads: Heavy plates made from special structural steel makes steel structures not only lighter and longer-lasting but also more cost-efficient.

Further structural steel grades


Modern architecture places high demands on aesthetics and function. As an innovative material, the high-quality steel made by thyssenkrupp Steel Europe ensures building solutions merging with the surroundings in an environmentally sound way due to their colored organic coatings.

Industrie Construction

Application examples

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