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Organic coated Products ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe

Coil-coating technology – Organic coated strip and sheet in top condition

As one of the leading manufacturers of organic coated sheet steels, we provide our customers with material solutions, which also meet demanding cost requirements. In numerous sectors the use of “steel with a finished surface“ offers significant cost advantages, if only by eliminating the need for expensive post-coating. We provide competent design and production advice to enable our customers to optimally exploit the potential of our materials.

Our constantly increasing range of pladur® products already covers a wide range of applications: from the reflections range of colors for industrial and commercial buildings up to new metallic coatings for the household appliance industry. But the possibilities of coil coating are far from exhausted.

pladur® Aesthetic
pladur® Aesthetic Print
pladur® Anti Condensate
pladur® Basic
pladur® Cool
pladur® Daylight
pladur® Decor
pladur® Deluxe
pladur® Durable
pladur® Flexible
pladur® Indoor
pladur® Lotus
pladur® Metal Look
pladur® Multishell
pladur® Primed
pladur® Print
pladur® Prove
pladur® Relief Icecrystal
pladur® Relief Stone
pladur® Relief Wood
pladur® Resistent
pladur® Robust
pladur® Script
pladur® Shine
pladur® Smooth
pladur® Standing Seam
pladur® Stripes
pladur® Strong
pladur® Structured
pladur® Sunlight
pladur® Sunlight Plus
pladur® Thermosafe
pladur® Tough
pladur® Wrinkle
reflections One
reflections Cinc
reflections Pearl
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